Internationally Trained Lawyer Program – NCA Accreditation

Frequently Asked Questions

How many courses can I take?

You can take up to a maximum of 10 courses within an academic year or 35 credits, whichever comes first.

What is the duration of this initiative?

The duration of the initiative depends on the NCA Assessment Report and whether or not some NCA requirements are challenged with the exams. Most students choose to take the bulk of their requirements in one academic year (September to April). Some students choose to challenge any remaining exams; others choose to re-apply to the initiative for a second year.

Will I receive a degree?

This is a non-degree initiative. The U of A transcripts can be used to apply to future degree programs or to apply for the NCA Certificate of Qualification.

How much does this initiative cost?

The tuition fees are assessed at $40,000 per academic year (September to April). Any non-instructional fees from the university are not included in the tuition.

What are non-instructional fees?

These are fees that all university students are required to pay. A breakdown of the fees can be found here.

Can I extend my participation for one or two semesters to complete more courses?

Students who wish to continue in the initiative for a second year are required to re-apply for the additional year, and pay all fees.

What do I receive after completing this initiative?

Students receive U of A transcripts which can be used towards NCA Assessment Requirements to receive a Certificate of Qualification. After receive the Certificate of Qualification, NCA Candidates can apply for articling positions at any Provincial Common Law Jurisdiction Canadian Law Society.