Internationally Trained Lawyer Program – NCA Accreditation

NCA Application Procedure and Assessment Process

NCA Evaluation and Assessment

To begin, the NCA Candidate must apply to the NCA for an evaluation of professional and educational credentials. Original academic and professional transcripts and records must be submitted directly from the relevant universities, law schools and licensing body to the NCA.

It is the applicant's responsibility to apply to the NCA and to arrange for completion of the NCA's requirements to practice law in Canada.

Contact information, and details on the application procedure accreditation process can be found on the NCA's website.

Challenge Examinations or Law School Courses/Degree

Upon receiving the NCA assessment letter, NCA Candidates can register to complete Challenge Examinations through the NCA or apply to take courses at accredited law schools. Examinations are offered four times a year in some subjects: January, May, August and October; and only twice a year (January and August) in others.

Applications to the Internationally Trained Lawyers Program will be accepted beginning January 2017, for a September 2017 start. Students are admitted on a first come first serve basis, provided that all relevant documents have been supplied. If a candidate is required to take a full three-year degree at a law school, the application for the University of Alberta is November 1st of the year before.