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Award of Excellence

The University of Alberta Alumni Association recognizes the many accomplishments of U of A alumni through its Alumni Recognition Awards program, which includes four distinct awards:

Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award — the Alumni Association's most prestigious award - recognizes living University of Alberta graduates whose truly outstanding achievements have earned them national or international prominence.

Faculty of Law Alumni Recipients

Award of Excellence

The Award of Excellence recognizes specific, recent accomplishments of University of Alberta graduates.

Faculty of Law Alumni Recipients

Nathan Whitling '97 LL.B.

Stacey J. Handley, '93 LL.B.

Donald G. Bishop, ’61 BA, ’62 LL.B.

Valerie J. Campbell, ‘99 LL.B.
James Jacuta, ‘79 BA, ‘82 LL.B.

John Gill, '80 LL.B.

John C. Poon, ’74 BA, ’84 LL.B.

Jack Agrios, '59 BA, '60 LL.B.

Allan Wachowich, ’57 BA, ’58 LL.B.
Ernest J.M. Walter, ’63 BA, ’64 LL.B.

Beverley McLachlin, ‘65 BA, ‘68 MA, ‘68 LL.B., & ‘91 LL.D. (Honorary)

Horizon Award

The Alumni Horizon Award recognizes the outstanding achievements of University of Alberta alumni early in their careers.

Faculty of Law Alumni Recipients

Honour Award

The Alumni Honour Award recognizes the significant contributions made over a number of years by University of Alberta alumni in their local communities and beyond.

Faculty of Law Alumni Recipients

Centenary Award

In 2008, the Alumni Association announced the creation of a new award to recognize alumni who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment, dedication, and service to the University of Alberta.

Faculty of Law Alumni Recipients

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