Allan Wachowich

One of the Wachowich brothers (Allan and Ed Wachowich) who were the first Canadian siblings to simultaneously serve as heads of respective courts.
‘The only such situation in North America where two brothers are so high up in the court system’
– Ed Wachowich

(Canadian Bar Assoc. Alberta Branch & Law Society of Alberta Newsletter, March 1999)

Served a Chief Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta 2001 – 2010

  • Born 1935, Edmonton Alberta
  • His family was one of the first five Polish families to immigrate to Alberta in 1944.
  • 1957 received his Bachelor of Arts Degree – University of Alberta
  • 1958 received his Bachelor of Laws degree – University of Alberta
  • 1959 called to Alberta Bar; 1963 Northwest Territories Bar; 1964 Yukon Bar
  • Founded the Firm of Kosowan, Wachowich was a partner there until his first judicial appointment
  • 1974 appointed Judge of the District Court of Alberta
  • 1979 Judge of the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta when the district and supreme court merged
  • 1993 appointed Associate Chief Justice of Queen’s Bench
  • 2001 Chief Justice on the Court of Queen’s Bench
  • Was also a deputy judge of the Yukon Supreme Court, Northwest Territories Supreme Court and the Nunavut Court of justice
  • 2010 Retired – reached his mandatory retirement age
  • 1994 – 2009 Member of the Canadian Judicial Council of Canada
  • Member of several legal Committees
  • Involved in numerous charitable and community organisations

These days, Chief Justice Wachowich sets a tone of openness with the public and the media by his willingness to appear in public, speak about the justice system, and take the temperature of both the legal and the broader communities – It's also why he travels regularly to hear cases in the North. "I've been going up there to Nunavut, Whitehorse, to the Yukon and the Northwest Territories for years," he says. – Edmonton Journal, 2007