Andrew Stewart

First Law Graduate from the University of Alberta to have won the Silver Medal of his graduating class, receive a Graduate Law Degree from Cambridge University and to use this experience to become a Professional Opera Singer

Born in Ottawa, Ontario

  • 1997 Graduated with a Law Degree from University of Alberta. He won several prizes and awards during his studies in addition he won the Silver Medal of his graduating class
  • Received a Master’s of Law degree from Cambridge, England
  • Returned to Canada and practised law in Vancouver, B.C.
  • He had been keeping his love of singing to the sidelines during this whole period but decided in Vancouver to pursue it and took singing lessons at UBC. He ended up with a principal role in The Magic Flute at the Vancouver Opera very quickly. Not long afterwards he was offered a position with the Canadian Opera Company’s Ensemble Studio.
  • In subsequent years he has continued to perform with various opera companies