Bruce JS MacDonald

May 1945 to June 1946 he headed the Number One Canadian War Crimes Investigation Unit and served as Chief Prosecutor of War Criminals of the Canadian Armed Forces at the Nuremberg Trials.

For his service in WWII he was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE), the Croix de Guerre (France) and the Efficiency Decoration

1954 he wrote The Trial of Kurt Meyer, detailing his experience in successfully prosecuting the former S.S. Brigadefuhrer who was charged with denying quarter to Allied prisoners and being responsible for the killing of Canadian prisoners of war. He also wrote a CBC television program based on his book.

Born Nova Scotia 1902, died 1986

  • Childhood spent in Nova Scotia, his adolescence in Alberta
  • 1924 ? Graduated Law, University of Alberta
  • 1927 Completed a graduate course at Harvard Law School
  • 1927 relocated to Windsor, Ontario to begin his legal practise
  • 1939 enlisted for overseas service with the Essex Scottish Regiment. Served as Company Commander and Second-in- Command until May 1943. Prior to the Normandy invasion, he conducted a battle school for the training of all units of the Fourth Infantry Brigade.
  • During the invasion he served as Commanding Officer of the Essex Scottish with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel.
  • 1946 Returned to Windsor, appointed King?s Council and returned to private practise.
  • 1951 Appointed Crown Attorney for Essex county to restore order to the troubled Windsor Police Department
  • 1961 Appointed Judge of County and District Courts
  • 1977 Retired and presided as Small Claims Judge until his death in 1986