Laurence Decore

Laurence Decore was Mayor of Edmonton and was elected with the largest majority in Edmonton’s History.
Later he was elected a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta and Leader of the Alberta Liberal Party.
In the 1993 Provincial Election the Liberals won 32 of the Province’s 83 seats – the highest percentage won by any opposition party in the Province’s history

Born - 1940, Vegreville, Alberta

Died – 1999

  • Was the son of John Decore the future Liberal Party MP from Vegreville and later to become the Chief Judge of the District Court of Edmonton
  • Laurence was educated in Vegreville, Edmonton and Ottawa
  • 1961 - He graduated from the University of Alberta with a BA in History and Economics
  • 1964 – Laurence graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Alberta
  • 1964 - Was the winner of the Clinton J. Ford Moot Court Award for 3rd year law students
  • Senior partner of his family’s law firm Decore and Company where he practiced real estate, commercial and divorce law.
  • He was involved in various successful businesses – he was a co-founder of QCTV, an Edmonton cable television station and in a hotel in Jasper by the time he was 30.
  • 1971 - Ran unsuccessfully for Edmonton City Council
  • 1973 – 1975 he was founding Chairman of the Alberta Heritage Council
  • 1974 – Elected Alderman on Edmonton City Council and served one term
  • 1977 – Ran for Mayor and was defeated by Cec Purvis
  • 1980 – Appointed Chairman of the Canadian Consultive Council on Multiculturalism. This group advised the Minister of Multiculturalism on issues
  • 1983 – Elected Mayor with the largest majority in Edmonton’s history
  • 1983 – Received the Order of Canada for his commitments and contributions to the development of multiculturalism in Canada
  • As Mayor he led the long distance battle between Ed Tel and AGT. He successfully got a cellular phone license for Ed Tel
  • 1985 – named QC
  • 1988 - resigned as Mayor to become Provincial Liberal Leader which he held for 6 years
  • 1989 – 1997 Elected to the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton-Glengarry
  • In the 1993 Election, the Liberals led by Laurence Decore won 32 of the province’s 83 seats - the highest percentage Liberals had won since leaving government in 1917 and the highest percentage won by any opposition party in the province’s history
  • 1995 – resigned as the Liberal Leader and joined his brother’s Law firm as special council and formed Canada Brokerlink Inc. a publically traded insurance brokerage firm