Louis Desrochers

First University of Alberta Law Graduate and attendee of Le Collège Saint-Jean to be elected Chancellor of the University of Alberta.
He was instrumental in the affiliation and integration of Le Collège Saint-Jean and the University of Alberta

Born – 1928 – Montreal Quebec

  • Primary Schooling in Quebec
  • 1939 – Moved to Jasper, Alberta with his widowed mother
  • Continued his French education - attended le Collège des Jésuits in Edmonton to 1942
  • Attended Le Collège Saint-Jean d’Edmonton until 1947; completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Ottawa
  • 1952 Graduated from Faculty of Law, University of Alberta
  • Articled with the McQuaig law firm which led to his partnership with Jean de la Bruyère and Sandy Mactaggart, as lawyer and legal advisor for Maclab Construction
  • 1960 – 1963 Appointed by then Prime Minster John Diefenbaker to the Northwest Territories Council
  • Director of Edmonton’s French Language radio station, CHFA
  • Executive of L’Association Canadienne-Francaise - de l’Alberta
  • 1970 – 1974 Elected Chancellor of University of Alberta
  • 1974 – 1981 Invited to join and he served on the Trilateral Commission, an organization of world leaders representing Europe, Japan and North America

Louis Desrochers is well known for his decades of community service, volunteer activities, service on numerous boards including corporate, government and public service and for his work within the francophone community.

Honours Include

Queens Council
1971 – LLD from University of Ottawa
1972 – Doctor of Science from Laval University
1974 – LLD from University of Alberta
1994 – Inducted as a Member of the Order of Canada
2001 – Inducted into the Alberta Order of Excellence