Robert Roy Stuart

Born 1936 – Died 2005

Roy (as he was known) Stuart was the first and only University of Alberta Alumnus to become Lecturer, Senior Law Fellow and Dean of Hereford College, Oxford, which he was for 25 years.

“… For Roy teaching always came first. Having excelled himself, he always demanded the best from his students… His enthusiasm for law was infectious. He would literally leap out of his chair with excitement when a student grasped the subtle point he

was making …” Dr. Alison Young, Colleague of Roy Stuart

  • 1958 - Graduated from Faculty of Law University of Alberta

  • 1969 - Elected to a fellowship in Law at Hertford College

  • Shortly after elected to a Lectureship in Law (CUF) in the University

  • 1971 – Became Dean of the College

  • 2003 – Retired

During his stewardship at Hertford he transformed legal studies. At the time of his appointment there were only 7 law students. In 2003 Hertford boasted 45 law students, engaged in both undergraduate and postgraduate study. He was also instrumental in improving the quality of the teaching and examination results… Dr. Alison Young, Fellow in Law

He once told his students he argued only one case as an advocate in Canada and was frustrated that the judge did not understand the point he was making. So he decided the academic life was more appropriate for him.