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Student Instructions - Table of Contents

Note: These instructions pertain to hand writers and computer writers, however, if you will be writing exclusively by hand, you may primarily focus on the instructions highlighted in light blue background.

Exam4 License Purchase and Software Installation

The Faculty of Law offers students the option to write their exams using Extegrity’s Exam4This must be purchased by the student once per exam season. See below for purchase and download instructions.  Compatible operating systems are listed on the Exam4 Support page.

We'll do everything we can to make Exam4 available for all exams, including those at SAS.  Please come prepared to hand-write in case of technical problems.  By choosing to use Exam4, you assume responsibility for any risk of software or computer malfunction.  If such a malfunction occurs, immediately let the invigilator know, and switch to handwriting until help arrives.

If you wish to hand-write, please try to notify Tim Young ( as soon as possible.  This will help us know where to expect your submissions.  For example:

“My student ID is 1234567.  I plan to hand write all of my exams.”

or if you're only writing certain exams by hand,

“My student ID is 1234567.  I plan to hand write the following exams:

  • 450:A1 Admin Law (Lewans)
  • 450:A2 Admin Law (Yahya)
  • 451:A1 Corporations (O'Byrne)


Law Student”

You can switch between handwriting and laptop at any time, even mid-exam, except for a small number of exams that are handwritten only.

Exam questions will be provided in hard copy.  Earplugs will not be provided, so please bring your own.  (The library may have some at their front desk.)

The invigilator will tell you when to begin typing, and when to stop.  DO NOT rely on Exam4’s timer to be authoritative, and only type during the time specified by your invigilator.  If enabled, Exam4's timer will produce a popup saying, “The exam has ended” when the timer reaches zero.  If this happens, just click OK and continue to type until your invigilator tells you to stop.  Exam4 keeps a record of what is typed when, and violators will be dealt with accordingly.  (It's okay if you accidentally hit the space-bar, or insert answer separators early.)

Read Exam4's support.  Exam4 has been found to work on nearly all computers meeting the hardware and operating system requirements.  Run Exam4's practice exam, and become familiar with it as soon as possible.  If you have any trouble that isn't addressed by the FAQ, please fill out a support ticket by using the form at the bottom of the Support page.  If support is unable to help you, or if the matter is time-sensitive, please contact Tim Young ( or 780-445-9605.)

Note that cut/copy/paste, spell-check, and multiple-choice functionality are enabled.  The spell-check runs “on-demand” through the Tools menu, and will not auto-correct or otherwise point out spelling errors as you type.  The “Multiple-Choice” feature is also available in the top menu bar.  Make sure to test the multiple choice feature when you run the practice exam.

It's a good idea to run the practice exam several times (see step 10 below,) and leave it running for a while, if possible.  This will stringently test the Exam4's stability on your computer, and will provide you with some peace of mind.

Please also make sure your computer is able to connect to the UWS (Internet), and not through the Guest@UofA wireless network.  Exam submission will not work through the limited guest network.

If you are using an unsupported operating system or configuration, please update as soon as possible.  If you have any trouble, please contact IST at 780-445-9605 or  In the event that they are unable to answer your question, please email Tim Young at

Purchase and Download Instructions:

  1. Go to the Exam4 website:

  2. Click on “Law schools

  3. Click “Canada” just below the alphabetical listing

  4. Under “Alberta”, click “University of Alberta, Faculty of Law

  5. Complete, submit and confirm the registration form that appears.

  6. If you are an NCA/ITLP student, or have already paid for your Exam4 license for the current semester, or only wish to try out the software, please skip to step 7. A license is only required for your electronic exams to be marked, and not for the practice exam.  To purchase a license, click the “Pay via PayPal” button.  It is also not necessary to pay a second time if you need to re-download the software. Your license will be valid until just before the beginning of the exam season following this one.

  7. The license agreement is available through a link next to the “Download Exam4...” button.  Once you’ve reviewed the license, click the “Download Exam4...” button.

  8. Click the button that says: “Download Exam4 for [your operating system]

  9. Once the download is complete, run the installer using the default installation options.  (Be aware that last term’s copy of the installer may still exist in your download folder, and that your web browser may append a “(1)” or something similar to the end of your new download.)  If you are on a Mac, make sure to tell the installer to replace any previous installation.

  10. After the installation is complete, Exam4 will open automatically and allow you to run a practice exam.  On the following start-up screen titled ‘Exam ID; Course’, you will see a drop-down list (next to the Course field), of all of the exams for the season, but please only select the “Practice exam” when trying out the softwareIf you have not yet received your “Exam Taker ID” by email, please enter your CCID username instead when running the practice exam.  You must use your “Exam Taker ID” (received by email) when writing your actual exams.  This is for the purpose of anonymity.  Please check your spam folder if you do not receive it in your inbox.

    Note: there is no “practice exam question”, just a blank page where you can type random text.  The exam file will be encrypted once it is closed, and you will not be able to re-open it, so do not type any information in the Practice exam file that you would like to or need to retrieve.

It is vital that you complete step 10.  Also, if you make any substantial changes to your system, whether through updates, installing/removing software/hardware, or through configuration changes, you must run the practice exam again to ensure everything is working properly.

Starting an Exam

  1. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before each exam and complete the following steps as soon as possible.  This will allow me more time to assist you with any technical difficulties.  I will sometimes be supporting six rooms simultaneously.

  2. Have your writing materials and an exam booklet ready, (even if you are writing by computer, in case of technical difficulties.)

  3. Have your 4-digit Exam Taker ID ready (see your email for this, subject: "2019/12 Exam Taker ID").  If handwriting, also enter the course number, section and professor on the booklet.  DO NOT write your name or student ID.  The purpose of the Exam Taker ID is to maintain your anonymity. If you are only taking the practice exam and have not yet received your ETID, you can use your CCID for the time being.

  4. Upon arriving in the room, close all other software and open Exam4 immediately.

  5. Make sure your laptop is plugged in and receiving power.  If you are writing in room 207 or 201, make sure the outlet (domed powerbar) on top of your desk is properly plugged into the outlet beneath the desk, since the cords for these frequently get kicked loose.  Exam4's power indicator (top-right) should look like a plug, and not a battery.

  6. Select “Prepare to start new exam” and click the “Next” button.

  7. Enter your 4-digit Exam Taker ID in both boxes.

  8. Select your exam in both of the two boxes below, and click the “Next” button.

  9. Click the checkbox to re-confirm your selections, and click the “OK” button.

  10. Optionally set the timer for the exam.  It will start counting down when the typing screen opens.  DO NOT rely on Exam4’s timer as the official time.  Instead, refer to the invigilator’s instruction for when to start and stop.  Exam4’s timer should only be used as a general guide.  There are optional reminders for when 5, 15 minutes, and/or 1 hour remain.  Enabling the timer will cause a popup to appear when the timer reaches zero, saying the exam is over.  Just ignore this, click "OK", and continue to type until we tell you the exam is overNeither the timer nor the display options can be changed once you click “Begin Exam.”

  11. Set any of the other settings as desired, and click the “Next” button.

  12. Click the checkbox labeled “Got it?”/“Check here.” and click the “Next” button.

  13. Make sure “CLOSED” (without the quotation marks) is entered into the Exam Mode text box.  If it isn’t, you may still be running last term’s version of the software.  (Make sure your web browser didn’t rename your Exam4 download with a “(1)” at the end.  Sometimes people download the new version, but accidentally run the older installer that’s still in the same folder.) Click on the “Check box to confirm Exam Mode is CLOSED” and click the “Next” button.  ‘Closed’ mode means access all other applications, as well as the Internet, will be locked out during the exam.

  14. Click the “Begin Exam” button as soon as possible and allow the security check to complete.  Once the typing screen appears, do not start typing until the invigilator instructs you to begin.  The security check may take anywhere from a few seconds to 16 minutes, and the earlier you click “Begin Exam”, the more time I will have to assist you with any technical difficulties that may arise.  If we cannot get your system running by the beginning of the exam, you must start by handwriting.  If this happens, I will try to get your system up and running while you handwrite.  Once your system is ready, you will be able to continue your answers in Exam4 — there is no need to type your handwritten content into Exam4, since I can amalgamate the handwritten and typewritten portions for you.

Additional Notes:

  • Exam4 auto-saves every 10 seconds, and performs an auto-backup every 2 minutes.  Aside from that, you can also use the Save menu at the top.

  • You may optionally add answer separators by clicking on the small square button on the right, labeled, “Insert Answer Separator”, or you may manually number your answers.  It’s only important that your answers are marked clearly enough for the instructor to read.  Once you enter an answer separator, you can still go back and edit previous answers.  If you choose to use the separators, please don't modify them.  (Unmodified answer separators make things easier for the instructor when marking.)

Closing an Exam

  1. Once you have finished typing, click on the “End Exam” menu at the top, and click “End Exam Now”.  Don’t worry — you won’t lose your exam — its submission is coming up in step 3.

  2. Click the checkbox to “Confirm” and click the “OK, end exam” button.

  3. On the next window that comes up, click the, “Submit Electronically” button.

  4. If you see a window that says, “Your file has been stored on the server”, click the “OK” button.  Otherwise, if it has trouble submitting on the first try, (saying there was no response,) just click to retry.  It may take a minute or two for your wireless to reconnect for exam submission.  Note that you must be connected to UWS, and not to the Guest@UofA network for submission to work.  If you are unable to upload, you may use one of the other options as well, saving the encrypted exam file to disk, or to a USB key, and deliver it to the invigilator, or to Tim Young.

  5. Upon successfully submitting your completed exam, you will see the “Exam Submittal Successful” window.  This is your confirmation that your exam was uploaded successfully.  NO confirmation email will be sent.  Click the “I understand” checkbox and click the “OK” button.

  6. Now, as long as you’ve verified that you’ve either submitted or have otherwise saved your exam file, you can click on the “File and Save Options” menu at the top, and then click, “Exit”.  Click the “I’m sure” checkbox, and the “Exit Exam4” button.

  7. DO NOT leave the room until you have closed your exam, and have completed the above steps. Exams that have been closed late will appear in our logs, and will be dealt with accordingly.

Additional Notes:

  • An encrypted backup copy of your exam will be kept on your laptop, as well as a receipt of your exam submission.  Please leave these files intact (and avoid wiping your hard drive for any reason) until after you have received your marks back from the instructor.  This is a good precautionary measure.

Best wishes,

Tim Young
Room 110C (Decore Centre)