Hello Instructors!

Note: All of the relevant information on this page has already been provided to the students.

We will be using Exam4 in open+network mode for all exams for this term. This will allow the students to access other applications and the Internet, but they will not be able to copy/cut/paste between Exam4 and those other programs.

Each student has been emailed their Exam Taker ID with thorough instructions for this term.

For the regular exam season, exam questions will be delivered through a TWEN site called "Final Exams" by the Office of the Dean, with imposed time restrictions. As a backup, they will also be disseminated by timed email.  For deferred/re-exams, only email will be used.

The students have been instructed to be prepared at least 15 minutes before the start of each exam.

Completed exams will be converted to PDF and emailed to instructors as soon as possible. Students will be given an additional hour after the end of each exam to upload and deal with any technical issues. Exam4 maintains logs of what was typed and when.


Tim Young
Google Meet
780-445-9605 (voice calls preferred over text)