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Financial Options

The Faculty of Law has assembled information on a variety of programs designed to assist students in researching their funding options. It is every students responsibility to thoroughly review the various programs available. The Faculty of Law strongly encourages students to consider all options to ensure they receive adequate funding. To aid in this review we have listed several sources for consideration.

Faculty of Law Funding Sources

The Faculty of Law awards over $1.1 million each year to Law students in the form of bursaries, scholarships, awards and prizes. Applications for these awards are distributed as follows:

Upper Year Students: Applications are made available to upper year students electronically in July, and are due back in early September.

First year students: Are automatically considered for all Entrance Scholarships. Students who have accepted their offer of admissions will receive a email in late June with the link to an electronic First Year Entrance Scholarship and Bursary Application. Applications are due early August.

Click here to see a list of awards where the selection is administered by the Faculty of Law. For all awards which have a financial need component, it is expected that students would have applied for a Government Student Loan.

Faculty of Law Differential Awards

The Faculty of Law awards 20% of the differential fees collected back to students in the form of funding for financial assistance.  This fund generates $300,000.00 annually which is distributed to Law Students in the form of awards each fall.

Graduate Students: Fees and Financial Support

Government Student Loans

Government Student Loans should be a students first consideration for funding. There are many potential advantages, such as no payments required, nor interest accrued, until you graduate. Non-Albertan residents can also research government student loans available from their home province by clicking here.

University of Alberta Funding Sources

Student Financial Support Services offered through the Office of the Registrar

External Funding Sources

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