Competitive Moot Program

Brimacombe Selection Round

The Brimacombe Selection Round will be held Thursday, September 27 and Friday, September 28, 2018. Additional dates may be scheduled if necessary. The problem and sample factums for the Selection Round are located at the bottom of this page.

This competition memorializes Jim Brimacombe, a highly respected Edmonton criminal lawyer. The competition is open to 2L and 3L students applying to join a competitive moot team.

Teams for the following moots are selected through the Brimacombe:

  • Alberta Court of Appeal (2Ls only)

  • Bennett Jones Health Law

  • Canadian Corporate/Securities

  • Clinton J. Ford (3Ls only)

  • Donald G. H. Bowman Tax Moot

  • Harold Fox IP Moot

  • Gale Cup

  • Laskin

  • Willms & Shier Environmental Law Moot

  • Wilson Moot

The winner of the Brimacombe Moot is immortalized on the U of A Brimacombe trophy.

The competition is supervised by the Brimacombe judges: Professors Sankoff, Adams, and Samuel, who set the question and act as final authority respecting all questions relating to the conduct of the competition.

Applying and Mooting

  1. Application forms are available on the Faculty of Law website (Current Students - Competitive Moot Program – Links) and from the LRW Director ( Applications must be submitted by Wednesday, September 19, 2018, at noon. Applications may be emailed to or delivered to the Student Services office on the main floor.

  2. Participants will be informed of the exact time scheduled for their moot presentation.

  3. The 2018 Brimacombe Problem is Ahluwalia v Borealis Academy, 2018 UACA 1. The problem and sample factums can be located at the bottom of this page.

  4. Participants are free to use the sample factums provided below, and can assume that the panel is familiar with them. However, the focus of the Brimacombe is oral argument and deviations from positions taken in the sample factums will not result in a ranking deduction. Similarly, students are NOT bound by the order of argument in the sample factums, though they are free to use the structure provided should they wish to do so.

  5. Each participant will present six minutes of oral argument. This includes time spent responding to questions from the judges. Additional written submissions are not accepted.

  6. Participants shall work individually and are responsible for developing their own oral argument.

  7. The Round will be held in the Eldon D. Foote Moot Court Room at the Faculty of Law.

  8. Participants shall arrive at least 10 minutes before their scheduled presentation time. Because of the large number of students and very tight timelines, failure to be present when called upon will result in the participant’s removal from consideration for the competitive moot program.

  9. Participants will be gowned during their presentation (robes will be provided).

  10. Participants shall not observe any other presentation until their presentation is complete.

  11. On the day of the competition, participants waiting their turn will wait outside the Moot Court Room until summoned to appear.

  12. Non-participating students and the public are welcome to attend.

  13. There is no course credit for participation in the Brimacombe.

2018 Brimacombe Materials