Graduate Student Resources

Academic Integrity and Graduate Student Responsibilities

All graduate students should familiarize themselves with the university's academic integrity policies, especially in relation to graduate research and scholarship.

University of Alberta Code of Student Behaviour

The University of Alberta Code of Student Behaviour contains rules on inappropriate academic behaviour (including plagiarism, cheating and misuse of confidential materials), other types of inappropriate behaviour, sanctions for breach of the rules and explanations of the complete discipline and appeal processes. The University of Alberta Code of Student Behaviour is applicable to all students, including graduate students, and students must read the Code.

Further resources are available on the University of Alberta Student OmbudService webpage.

 FGSR Graduate Program Manual and Guidelines for Graduate Students

Students should be familiar with the FGSR Graduate Program Manual. In particular, please review the Guidelines for Graduate Students.

University of Alberta University Calendar

The University Calendar includes a section on graduate studies. The graduate studies section includes Guidelines for Supervisors and Graduate Students. There are also Graduate Student Responsibilities as follows:

“Graduate students are ultimately responsible for their own programs. They are expected to read the Calendar and any other relevant documents to become familiar with all regulations and deadlines relating to their programs. The students’ fundamental responsibilities include ensuring that their registration is accurate and does not lapse, submitting appropriate forms to the department for signature and processing, and paying all fees required by the deadline dates set out in the Calendar.”