Graduate Student Resources

Fees and Financial Support

We strive to provide our graduate students with some form of financial assistance by way of scholarships, awards, tuition waiver, or research assistantships.

Students who apply to our graduate programs and receive an offer of admission will automatically be considered for scholarships. Students will be evaluated competitively and will be competing against the pool of applicants who are admitted in a given year. A listing of the awards administered to graduate students by our faculty can be found here.


Graduate students are also encouraged to review funding options offered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) at the University of Alberta.


Students who are admitted into our graduate program should have approximately $23,000 - $25,000 CAD to cover fees and living expenses per year. At present, without a significant amount of financial aid from scholarships, awards and other government, private or charitable sources, it will not be possible for many overseas students to join our programs. Students from abroad must obtain appropriate visas for entry into Canada.

The Faculty of Law does not have teaching assistantships.

Still have questions?

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Gloria Strathern, Prizes & Awards Coordinator
Phone: 780-492-2513