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SSHRC Partnership Grant Funding to Support Graduate Studies

The Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta is delighted to draw attention to the efforts of two of our professors to secure funding from Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), through its Partnership Grant program, to support the training of graduate students. This funding will be of interest to prospective graduate students pursuing research in the fields of constitutional law and legal history, and in international criminal law and international human rights law.

Professor Eric M. Adams leads the legal history research cluster of ‘Landscapes of Injustice’, a partnership of academic researchers, museum professionals, educators, and community members examining the history of the dispossession of Japanese Canadian property during the 1940s. The overall project combines legal and social history, GIS mapping and critical geography, oral history, and community records to examine the origins and reverberations of one of the most significant moments of human rights abuse in Canadian history. Professor Adams is currently engaged in research which explores the legal underpinning and role of lawyers in the dispossession.

As part of the ‘Strengthening Justice for International Crimes’ project, Professor Joanna Harrington is part of a team of legal academics and NGO lawyers examining different and complementary routes that victims of international crimes can take in Canada, in other states and before international institutions, to seek criminal, civil, and administrative or other remedies. Professor Harrington is particularly interested in the interaction between international criminal law and international human rights law, the role for cooperation between states, and the role for international human rights institutions in contributing to the global effort to ensure accountability for those responsible for mass atrocity crimes.

Prospective graduate students with research interests and/or prior experience relevant to either of these projects should mention these linkages expressly in their application for admission.