Study Abroad

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What GPA do I need to have to go on exchange?

    Law students must have a minimum cumulative and current GPA of 2.7 to go on exchange.

  2. How do I make sure that I will get credit for the courses I take?

    During the application process, you will select the courses you are interested in taking. We will approve these courses before you go to ensure the credit will transfer back.

    If you decide to change your courses while studying abroad, please let us know ASAP.

  3. Should I apply for an exchange through University of Alberta International or a Law Partner Exchange? Which is better?

    Either option is great. Your main deciding factor is location - where do you want to go? Choosing a UAI exchange, or a Faculty exchange has no bearing on the transfer credit.

  4. Can I go somewhere that is not listed on either the Law or UAI’s website?

    Students will not receive transfer credit for institutions attended outside of the approved partnerships.

  5. How do I pick my courses?

    Please refer to the course listings page of the University that you wish to attend. Please keep in mind that certain courses may have registration restrictions. When in doubt, contact the school directly.