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Jessica Eisen, BA (Political Science and Human Rights Studies), JD, LLM, SJD (expected)

Assistant Professor


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Jessica Eisen is an Assistant Professor at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law and an SJD Candidate at Harvard Law School. Her research interests include animals and the law, constitutional and comparative constitutional law, equality and antidiscrimination law, feminist legal theory, intergenerational justice, and law and social movements. Professor Eisen’s research has been published in Journal of Law and Equality, Animal Law Review, Canadian Journal of Poverty Law, Transnational Legal Theory, Queen’s Law Journal, ICON: International Journal of Constitutional Law, University of British Columbia Law Review, University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform, and elsewhere. She has studied at Barnard College, Columbia University (BA, Political Science and Human Rights Studies, 2004); The University of Toronto Faculty of Law (JD, 2009); Osgoode Hall Law School (LLM, 2014); and Harvard Law School (SJD candidate); and has worked at WeirFoulds LLP, the Ontario Ministry of Labour, and the Constitutional Law Branch of the Ministry of the Attorney General for Ontario.


  • Animal Law

  • Charter Of Rights & Freedoms

  • Comparative Constitutional Law

  • Labour & Employment Law


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