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Péter Szigeti, SJD, LL.M., dr. iur.

Assistant Professor


About Me

Dr. Péter Szigeti received his SJD from Harvard Law School in 2015, and started teaching at the Faculty of Law of the University of Alberta in September 2018. He has held postdoctoral positions at New York University, McGill University and the European University Institute; and he also holds an LL.M. from Harvard Law School (2008), a Master 2 recherche from Université Paris I (2006), and a bachelor’s degree in Hungarian law from ELTE University, Budapest (2005). Professor Szigeti teaches property law and immigration law. His varied research interests include the role of geographical information in law; the interactions between property law and environmental protection; jurisdiction, sovereignty and territoriality in international law; comparative immigration law; and international legal history.


  • Legal Theory

  • Immigration Law

  • Legal History

  • Climate Change


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