Teaching Awards

Rutherford Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Several members of the Faculty of Law have received the university’s highest teaching award, the Rutherford Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. Named for the first Premier of Alberta and later Chancellor of the University of Alberta, the Rutherford Award was instituted in 1982. Past recipients from the Faculty of Law include Professors Barbara Billingsley (2016), Mitchell McInnes (2011), Shannon O'Byrne (2002), David Percy QC (1996), Roderick Wood (2005) and Bruce Ziff (1988).

Provost’s Award for Early Achievement of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

The Provost’s Award for Early Achievement of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching recognizes the achievement of teaching excellence by full-time continuing academic staff within five years of their first university appointment. Professor Eric Adams received this award in 2012.

The Honourable Tevie H. Miller Teaching Excellence Award

In honour of Justice Tevie H. Miller, Associate Chief Justice of the Court of Queen's Bench (1984-1993,) and a former Chancellor of the University of Alberta, an annual award for teaching excellence has been established by the Faculty of Law.

Past recipients of the Tevie H. Miller Award for Teaching Excellence include:

  • Tamara Buckwold (2016),

  • Mitchell McInnes (2015),

  • Bruce Ziff (2014),

  • Annalise Acorn (2013),

  • Eric M. Adams (2012),

  • Chris J. Sprysak (2011),

  • Sanjeev Anand (2010),

  • Lewis N. Klar Q.C. (2009),

  • Mitchell McInnes (2008),

  • Russell Brown (2007),

  • Christine Davies (2006),

  • Barbara Billingsley (2005),

  • Roderick Wood (2004),

  • Gerald B. Robertson Q.C. (2003),

  • Shannon O'Byrne (2002),

  • Wayne N. Renke (2001),

  • David Percy Q.C. (2000),

  • Bruce Elman (1999),

  • Dr. Richard Bauman (1998)

TEVIE MILLER AWARD Teaching Philosophies:

Pringle/Royal Sessional Teaching Excellence Award

The Pringle/Royal Sessional Teaching Excellence Award annually recognizes excellence in teaching by a sessional instructor who teaches at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law.

Past recipients of the Sessional Teaching Excellence Award include:

  • Douglas Peterson (2016),

  • Karen Hewitt (2015),

  • Naomi Schmold (2014),

  • Marie Gordon, Q.C. (2013),

  • Rick Reeson Q.C. (2012),

  • Alexander D. Pringle Q.C. (2011),

  • Dan Scott (2010),

  • Don R. Summerfeldt (2009),

  • David Hicks (2008),

  • Justice Adam Germain (2007),

  • Alexander D. Pringle Q.C. (2006),

  • Peter J. Royal (2005)


Research Awards

University Cup

The University Cup is the highest honour this University can bestow on a member of its academic staff and is granted only to those individuals who have achieved outstanding distinction in each of the areas of scholarly research, teaching and service to the University and the community at large. Thus the recipient of the University Cup is a leader whose scholarly work has merited international attention; whose teaching and student supervision ability is highly esteemed by colleagues and students alike as exceptional; and who has earned outstanding regard from the community which favours both the individual and the University.

In 2013, David Percy QC received the University Cup.

J Gordin Kaplan Award for Excellence in Research

The J Gordin Kaplan Award for Excellence in Research, named after the first Vice-President (Research) at the University of Alberta, is the most prestigious University of Alberta research award. Professor Lewis Klar QC received this award in 2007 and Professor Gerald Robertson QC received this award in 2013.

Killam Annual Professorship

The Killam Annual Professorships were established in July 1991 to suitably acknowledge the generous bequest made by Izaak Walton Killam and Dorothy J. Killam to the University of Alberta. Up to eight Killam Annual Professorships are awarded each year to outstanding academics from across the university in recognition of their distinguished scholarship. The award is based on scholarly activities such as teaching, research, publications, creative activities, presented papers, supervision of graduate students and courses taught, as well as service to the community beyond the University. Faculty recipients include: Eric Adams (2017-2018); George Pavlich (2007-2008), and Joanna Harrington (2012-2013).

Martha Cook Piper Research Prize

The Martha Cook Piper Research Prize was established to commemorate the significant contribution Dr Martha Cook Piper made to the research community while she was Vice-President (Research) and Vice-President (Research and External Affairs) at the University of Alberta between 1993 and 1996.

Prizes are awarded to recognize faculty members who are at the early stage of their careers, enjoy a reputation for original research, and show outstanding promise as researchers. Professor Timothy Caulfield received this prize in 2000, as did Professor Joanna Harrington in 2007.

McCalla Professorship

Named after the first Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, Dr Arthur McCalla, McCalla Professorships are awarded to those who have made significant contributions to their field of research, teaching, and learning. McCalla professors value excellence in teaching, acknowledge the importance of students, conduct themselves in an ethical manner, are collaborative and open to change, take pride in history and traditions, and are committed to integrating their research and teaching. McCalla professors have included: Bruce Ziff (2015), Elaine Hughes (2011), Rod Wood (2006), Catherine Bell (2005), Linda Reif (2002), Annalise Acorn (1999), Richard Bauman (1998)

The list of McCalla Professors and their abstracts can be found here.