Graduate Programs

Masters Program

Please note that we will NOT be accepting applications for the Course Based Masters Degree program for the 2019/2020 academic year.

The LLM is a graduate law degree which provides students with an opportunity to study a particular area of law in much greater depth than is possible in the JD or LLB program. There are a variety of reasons why students enter the Master of Laws program. Some of our students are Canadian or foreign practicing lawyers who wish to specialize in a particular area of law, while others are preparing for careers as academic lawyers at universities throughout the world.

All applicants for the LLM program must hold the degree of JD, LLB or equivalent.

The minimum application grade point average (GPA) for our graduate programs is a 3.0 on the University of Alberta's 4 point scale. However, the competitive GPA for the LLM program is normally 3.5. You can find out more about international grade equivalents on the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research website.

There are two programs available to students admitted to the LLM program: the thesis-based LLM or the course-based LLM. Students must declare which program they intend to follow at the beginning of their graduate studies. Any student wishing to change their program must obtain the approval of the Graduate Studies Committee.

The LLM, either thesis or course-based, may be subsequently used as a qualification for application to the PhD program. Successful completion of the LLM, however, does not guarantee admission to the doctoral program. Students wishing to go on to the PhD program must make a formal application.

The University of Alberta LLM degree parchment does not specify the type of LLM program taken, reading “Master of Laws” for both programs.

Please note that an LLM degree does not entitle the holder to practice law in Canada. For information about the accreditation of your foreign law degree, contact the National Committee on Accreditation at