Juris Doctor

Regular Applicants


  1. An undergraduate degree, or at least the first three years (90 credits) of a program leading to a degree, at the University of Alberta, or from a university recognized by the University of Alberta, completed prior to the September in which admission is sought.

  2. A valid LSAT score written within the 5 year period before the September of the year in which admission is sought. The last acceptable LSAT writing date for September admission is January of the year in which admission is sought.

  3. If English is not your first language you must meet the University of Alberta’s English language proficiency requirement.

  4. A personal statement meeting the criteria set out in the application checklist.

  5. A completed online application.

2 Year Applicant

In special circumstances the Committee will consider applications from applicants without a degree who have completed two years (60 credits), or equivalent, of a full program of studies that would be accepted for credit towards any degree at the University of Alberta. To be considered for admission in this manner, a candidate must demonstrate outstanding academic ability, which includes:

  1. a minimum grade point average of 3.7 or its equivalent over the two years (60 credits) of study; and

  2. an LSAT score which places the applicant in the 90th percentile of those who have taken the LSAT test.

An applicant in this category must also satisfy requirements 3-5 listed above.

Offers of Admission to two year applicants are conditional upon successful completion of enrolled credits.

Application Process Checklist

November 1 Application Deadline

The undergraduate online application MUST be received on or before this date of the year prior to admission (i.e. November 1 2015 for admission in September 2016).

January Last Acceptable LSAT Writing

The last acceptable LSAT writing date for September admission is January of the year in which you’re applying. LSAT scores are valid for 5 years.

The Faculty of Law will obtain an applicant's LSAT score directly from LSAC. We do not accept LSAT scores submitted by the applicant.

February 1 Documentation Deadline
  1. Two (2) official transcripts (must bear the seal and original signature of the issuing institution) of all post-secondary institutions (including undergraduate, graduate & exchange programs) are required. All official transcripts must be submitted to the Faculty of Law Admissions Office (Room 128 Law Centre, Edmonton AB T6G 2H5) directly from the issuing institution. Transcripts submitted by the applicant in any fashion will not be accepted as official.

    These transcripts must be complete and indicate any degree(s) received.

    If the applicant is enrolled in post-secondary studies at the time of the application, the transcripts must show any completed fall/first term work.

    Present or former University of Alberta students do NOT need to order University of Alberta transcripts, as the Faculty of Law will automatically receive them from the Registrar's Office.

  2. Personal Statement* (750-1000 words).

    A PDF version is preferred. It must be submitted to law.admissions@ualberta.ca sent from your ualberta.ca email account. Alternatively, this document can be submitted in a hard copy to the Faculty of Law's Student Services Office as noted below. Please write your full name and 7-digit Student ID Number on the Personal Statement.

*Successful statements tend to be those that feature clear and authentic writing. There is no specific template to follow as the statement serves as the means for self-expression and self-description. Where appropriate, the statement should touch on exceptional circumstances that adversely affected particular grades or academic performance and/or LSAT score(s), the difficulty and quality of the pre-law academic program, any relevant employment experience, extra-curricular and community activities, as well as any physical, cultural and economic factors that might assist the Committee in assessing the applicant's candidacy and desire to succeed in law.

All documents must be received in the Faculty Office by February 1.

Please have the above mailed to:

Student Services
Room 128, Law Centre
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB T6G 2H5

These deadlines must be met by all applicants.