In order to apply to be an exchange student to the Faculty of Law, you must be nominated to us by your home institution.  Please see your institution’s administrative office for further details.

All classes are taught in English at the Faculty of Law and it is therefore advised that you be able to follow lectures and participate in seminars in normal spoken English.  Although we do not require any formal language qualifications you must have a good level of English before you come to the U of A.

On receipt of the nomination from your home institution you will be sent a letter from either the Law School or the University of Alberta’s Study Abroad office. All incoming exchange students are encouraged to contact our Admissions Coordinator by April 15 for registration in courses.  Students may contact our Admissions Coordinator sooner than April 15 to increase the likelihood of registration in desired courses.  Please note that law courses numbered 401 — 440 are generally not open to exchange students and are reserved for first year law students.  Because our law students register in courses in March, you may find that courses you are interested in are full.  We recognize that you have a timing disadvantage.  The Vice Dean and the Admissions Office will work with you to ensure that you are able to obtain a set of course registrations that satisfies you and any requirements of your institution.

Once your application has been processed you will receive a personal Campus Computing Identification (“CCID”) to access your University of Alberta e-mail account.  Please store this information in a safe place. You can access your University of Alberta webmail account by logging at

This information is also used to access Beartracks, the University of Alberta’s self-service system.

For assistance and questions regarding course registration, please contact our Admissions Coordinator at:

Phone: 780-492-3067

There are two orientation programmes that students studying for the first semester or the full year can attend:

  1. The International Student Orientation Programme conducted by the University of Alberta International.  Students will be sent information regarding registration for this event in August. This orientation is a great opportunity to become familiar with the campus and its services, and also to meet other exchange students.

  2. The Faculty of Law Orientation run by Student Services. This orientation consists of a welcome event the day before classes start with additional events scheduled throughout the first two weeks of the semester.  This orientation is an opportunity to meet the Dean, Faculty, and staff and have any course registration issues settled.  The additional events include a Canadian Common Law Orientation, a Library information session, and a faculty tour.  Exchange students will also be assigned an upper year student mentor who will be in contact with them before they arrive in Edmonton.

    For exchange students coming to Edmonton in January (second term only) a mini orientation will be scheduled during the first week of classes. You will be sent details about it before you arrive in Edmonton.