Juris Doctor Programs

Dual JD Program with the University of Colorado

  1. Program Overview

    Students who successfully complete the program will receive a JD degree from University of Colorado and a JD degree from University of Alberta. The joint program involves four years of full-time study. Two years (consecutive) are spent at both Universities. Students may begin the program at either law school. Students must complete the compulsory course requirements for each program, subject to any exemptions granted by the Dean. Optional courses must be formally approved by program authorities to count for credit toward both programs.

  2. Eligibility

    Admission to the program is open to the following students:

    1. Students applying for admission to either University of Colorado or University of Alberta;

    2. Students who have been admitted and are in the first year of the program at either law school.

  3. Application Procedure

    The application procedure has two components:

    1. Students must complete all of the application procedures and pay all requisite fees for students applying to the law degree programs at both Universities. That is,

    2. Students must apply to and be admitted by BOTH law schools to participate in the Dual Degree Program.

    There are no special application procedures for the Dual Degree Program other than the submission of the Election to Participate form, besides the application procedures that apply to all applicants to either law school. Students who have been admitted to either Colorado or Alberta (current first year students) are required to apply only to the law school to which they have not been admitted. They must complete and submit the Election to Participate in the Dual Degree Program form to both law schools.

    Students applying to enter the Dual Degree Program do not have any privileged admissions status. They must meet the applicable admissions standards for each law degree program, and must be granted offers of admission through the ordinary admission processes by the ordinary admissions authorities.

  4. Deadlines

    Students applying for admission must comply with the admissions deadlines set by each institution. The Election to Participate in the Dual Degree Program form must be submitted with other admissions material.

    For information concerning the Colorado admissions procedure and deadlines, see:


    For information concerning University of Alberta admissions procedures and deadlines, see our Prospective Applicants area.

  5. Fees

    Dual Degree Program students will pay full tuition and other mandatory and required fees established for students to the University of Alberta while attending in Alberta and to the University of Colorado while attending in Colorado.

    For information concerning Colorado fees, see: http://www.colorado.edu/law/about/factsfigures.htm

    For information concerning Alberta fees, see our Financial Support area.

For more information contact:

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Fax: 303-492-2542

University of Alberta Faculty of Law
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