Competitive Moot Program

How To Apply

  • For some Moots, competing in the Brimacombe Selection Round is a prerequisite. For others, it is not.

  • Check the Moot description to see which selection process applies. You can find the descriptions in the online Moot Manual.

  • Attend the Moot Information Session at noon on Tuesday, September 20, 2016, in Room 207, or speak to the coach specific to the moot.

  • You may apply to several teams, but be chosen only for one.

  • If participation in the Brimacombe Round is a prerequisite for the moot you want, register for the Brimacombe by Friday, September 23, 2016 at noon.  See forms and process.

  • If Brimacombe is not required, contact the moot coach directly.

  • Registration for Law 598: Moot Court Competition occurs after selection.

  • Students cannot participate in the same moot twice, except in exceptional circumstances. The arbiter of such circumstances is the Vice-Dean who, in deciding the issue, may consult with the moot coach. Permission must be given in advance of the selection process.