Career Services for UAlberta JD Students

Composite Articles

You can indicate your willingness to offer a student a position with your firm, as part of a Composite Article, for a period of between two and ten months. This will give a student exposure to your area of practice, but will not oblige you to assume full responsibility, either by way of supervision or finances, for the whole year.

You may volunteer to be a principal for an articling student for the entire year, even if that student only works with your firm for part of the year. The Law Society requires that a student have a principal and that that principal assume the responsibilities as set forth in the Legal Professions Act. The other firms will offer supervisors, who will oversee the work of the Student-at-Law when they are working for that law firm or organisation. The identity of the principal and the supervisors must be known to, and approved by, the Law Society in advance of the articles commencing, as is the case with the principal and regular articles.

When a student is moving from one firm or supervisor to another, you must consider the Rules relating to Conflicts of Interest. Please review and discuss with the student Chapter 6, Rule 4 of the Code of Professional Conduct and contact the Law Society Practice Advisors in either Calgary or Edmonton should you have any questions or concerns.

You can either volunteer to be a principal, or simply to be a supervisor for a period of time of between two and ten months.

It will be the student’s responsibility to put together the Composite Article which meets with your approval.

You will be responsible for the wages of the articling student for the period of time that they are employed by your offices. It is also encouraged that the law firms involved make a pro-rata contribution towards the Law Society and CPLED costs for having a student. Right now, those fees are as follows:

  • Law Society of Alberta application fee - $168.00

  • Law Society of Alberta enrolment fee for Student-at-Law - $1,291.50

  • Law Society of Alberta admission fee - $409.50

  • CPLED Program fees - $2,679.60

By assuming only part responsibility for an articling student, you can still offer a student an extraordinarily important experience in your area of practice. Students who emerge from a Composite Article will have had a broader exposure to important areas of law and a truly hands-on experience. They will be, in some ways, better able to ensure that they have the right fit for their future legal career.

You will obtain the benefit of assisting an articling student and making a valuable contribution to the profession, while at the same time limiting your time and financial responsibilities towards the student.

By registering on this professional roster for Composite Articles, you are not saying that you are prepared to take any student that comes your way. Articling students will of course have to submit their resumes to you, and be thoroughly vetted and interviewed by you, in the same way as you would consider an articling application by any student.

When you want to take your name off this roster, you can. If you wish to put it back on in the future, then all you need to do is to contact the Faculty of Law Career Placement Services to re-register.

If you are interested in participating in articles or composite articles, please e-mail Pat Neil ( your information as follows:

  • Firm name, address, telephone numbers, fax numbers, website (if applicable)
  • Contact lawyer
  • Length of time for which you would consider taking an articling student

  • Deadline for applications from students
  • The nature of your practice, and the main areas of practice that you can offer a student as part of their articles

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