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Disability Related Employment Information

There are many resources available for employees and employers. The following links are not exhaustive. These links provide a starting point for students and/or employers to find out what accommodations can be made; what accommodations should be made; what obligations the employer of a person with a disability has; and what obligations are the employee’s. There are also many resources available through non-profit organizations that may be specific to a particular disability. Users are encouraged to look into those in addition to the government programs linked here.

Provincial Resources

General Information

Top 10 myths of hiring people with disabilities: List of myths


General Resources: Alberta Government Disability Services

Alberta Private Sector Employer Advisory Council: Employer Advisory Council

Public Sector Internship Program for people with Disabilities: Internship program


DRES (Disability Related Employment Supports): Alberta Government DRES Program Information

DRES Policy: Policy

Cross Disability Supports and Services Initiative: CDSSI

Alberta Aids to Daily Living: AADL


List of common Acts pertaining to persons with disabilities: Disability Services Acts

Alberta Human Rights Act: Link to Act through Queen's Printer

Blind Persons’ Rights Act: Link to the Act through Queen's Printer

Service Dogs Act: Link to the Act through Queen's Printer

Human Rights

Duty to Accommodate: Duty to accommodate link

Employment specific fact sheet: Duty to accommodate - employment specific

When is discrimination not a contravention: Interpretive Bulletin

Human Rights Commission: Contact Information



General Information: Rethinking DisAbility in the Private Sector

Accessibility Resource Centre: Resources and Links

Workplace accessibility: Accessibility Standards


General listing of acts and regulations: links