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First Year Compulsory Courses

LAW 401 Foundations to Law
OE3 (fi 6) (first term, 3-0-0). An introduction to the institutions and processes of the Canadian legal system, and its underlying values and systems of thought. Also introduced are the history, structure and function of the modern system, and the role of law and the legal profession in society.

LAW 405 Legal Research and Writing
OE4 (fi 8) (two term, 2-0-0). Instruction in the fundamentals of legal research tools and techniques, including the impact of modern technology. Through a variety of written assignments, students will develop their analytical, research, communication and drafting skills, as well as becoming familiar with proper citation methods. Exercises in oral communications, advocacy skills and/or a moot court presentation may also be included.

LAW 410 Contracts
OE5 (fi 10) (two term, 2-0-0; 3-0-0). A discussion of the prerequisites to the creation of contractual obligation: offer and acceptance, intention and certainty, consideration, the requirements of writing and capacity. The effect of misrepresentations and terms of the contract, together with the problems of exclusion clauses and of standard form contracts. Questions of discharge from contractual obligation on the grounds of mistake, undue influence, duress, unconscionable transactions and frustration. Remedies for breach of contract.

LAW 420 Criminal Law
>OE5 (fi 10) (two term, 2-0-0; 3-0-0). A general introduction to the criminal law, including basic procedure, evidence, and sentencing rules, with primary emphasis on substantive criminal law. Topics include the physical and fault elements of offences, common law and statutory defences, and constitutional principles.

LAW 430 Torts
OE5 (fi 10) (two term, 2-0-0; 3-0-0). The law of negligence, damages, intentional interferences with persons, property and chattels, the law of strict liability, occupiers' liability, nuisance, defamation, the economic torts, the future of tort law.

LAW 435 Constitutional Law
OE5 (fi 10) (two term, 2-0-0; 3-0-0). An introduction to the legal framework governing the exercise of power by the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the Canadian state, covering who has the power to make new laws, the power to implement laws, and the power to adjudicate disputes. The limitations imposed on these powers by the rules of federalism and by the provisions of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms are also considered. An introduction to the constitutional provisions concerning Canada's Aboriginal peoples is also included.

LAW 440 Property Law
OE5 (fi 10) (two term, 2-0-0; 3-0-0). This course involves the study of basic principles which govern the institution of real and personal property. Included in this analysis will be the history of property law and issues of social and political context. Other topics include right incident to the ownership and possession of land, tenures and estates, concurrent ownership, dower, leases and tenancies, easements, restrictive covenants, finders law, bailment, and gifts. Other special issues may be explored.