Histology Lab Services

The LKSIoV offers a broad-range of quality histology services at competitive prices:

  • Tissue Process/Impregnate/Embed
  • Tissue Impregnate/Embed only
  • Microtomy (sectioning)
  • H&E Staining
  • Speciality Staining: PAS/DIAS, MASSON, PSR, RETIC
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
  • Immunofluorescence (IF)
  • Antibody (protocol) optimization
  • Cryoembedding
  • Cryotomy
  • Light Microscopy Imaging

Left image: Hepatic tissue of a non-HCV infected mouse stained with Masson trichrone (light blue).
Right image: Hepatic tissue of a HCV-infected mouse stained with Masson trichrone (light blue), indicative of fibrosis development.
Image courtesy of Suellen Lamb (Tyrrell Research Lab)

Top row: Histological staining samples with specialty stains (i.e., PAS/DIAS, MASSON, PSR, RETIC).
Bottom row: Blood-smear samples processed with Wright's stain.

If requesting the services of the Histology Lab, please read the guidelines before submitting a request.

To request any histology service, a Histology Lab Services Request Form must be completed.

Please note: All request forms must be accompanied by a Histology Indent Form. (Sample Completed Form)



For further information or booking requests, please email: lksiov@ualberta.ca.

A microtome.

The microtome is used for paraffin sectioning of samples.