Edmonton Global and Invest Alberta meet with LKSIoV

15 March 2023

Amanpreet Bhatti, Rooma Kumar Bussi, Dr. Lorne Tyrrell and Sherri Bouslama

On March 15, we were pleased to showcase some key research that resulted in products on the market to Rooma Kumar Bussi of Invest Alberta and Amanpreet Bhatti and Sherri Bouslama of Edmonton Global.

(Pictured from left: Amanpreet Bhatti, Rooma Kumar Bussi, Dr. Lorne Tyrrell, and Sherri Bouslama)


Rooma Kumar Bussi leads the India team at Invest Alberta, and this was her first visit to Edmonton. She is responsible for attracting investment into Alberta from Indian markets, specifically in the pharmaceutical industry and greater life sciences ecosystem.