Recording Narrative Samples

For narrative sampling using the ENNI, follow the administration instructions on the ENNI website. Detailed information is provided on how best to elicit and record narratives from children.

Here is some brief information to get you started:

  • The ENNI consists of two sets of 3 stories, A1-A3 and B1-B3. All A stories must be done in order (1, 2, 3), as must all B stories. However, either set A or set B may be administered first, and the sets may be administered at different times.
  • The storytelling must be recorded with video or audiotape for later transcription. Videotape is preferable because visual context makes transcription easier.
  • It is best to conduct the conversation in a quiet space to facilitate transcription, and also to minimize distractions for the children.
  • Many children (especially younger children) need to be reminded that they must use their words to tell you about the story. Therefore, it is best to inform the child before the beginning of each story that you (the experimenter) cannot see the pictures, so the child must use lots of words to allow you to understand what is happening in the story too.