Course Registration

Regular Courses

Content and seminar courses listed on BearTracks are open to on-line registration for all Linguistics graduate students. Students should consult with their supervisors before registering for courses.

Conference and GP Courses

Students wishing to register in conference (individual directed reading or research) courses or Generals Papers courses must complete a Request for conference/GP course form, to be signed by the instructor and submitted along with a syllabus (provided by the instructor and approved by the Chair). Courses will be set up on BearTracks by the Graduate Administrator, Gail Mathew ( once these requirements are met.

"Placeholder" Courses

Students must be registered in 9 credits (3 courses) per term to maintain full-time status. Students who are not taking other courses can register in "placeholder" courses to make up the missing credits for full-time status. Course-based MSc students can register for LING 903 (3 credits), LING 906 (6 credits), or LING 909 (9 credits); thesis-based students (MSc or PhD) register in THES 903 (3 credits), THES 906 (6 credits), or THES 909 (9 credits).

Completing Registration

On completing registration (or before actually registering if there are some uncertainties), students should complete a Registration summary form and submit it to the Grad Administrator, Gail Mathew ( for our files. Students are urged to complete their registration well in advance of the beginning of term to assist the Department and instructors in course planning.

For problems and concerns regarding registration, contact Gail Mathew ( For questions regarding course content and course selection, students should contact their supervisor or the Associate Chair, Johanne Paradis (