The Department offers these courses yearly, on rotation or on an occasional basis. For a complete listing of potential course offerings, see the University Calendar or consult the on-line listings on BearTracks.

LING 500: PSYCHOLINGUISTICS Issues and methods involved in the experimental study of language production, comprehension, and acquisition.

LING 501: RESEARCH PROJECT SEMINAR Research methodology, literature review skills, and techniques for writing and presenting.

LING 509: SYNTACTIC THEORY Advanced syntactic analysis and related theoretical issues 

LING 510: CURRENT PHONOLOGICAL THEORY Current approaches to phonological theory, focusing on constraint-based analysis 

LING 512: ACOUSTIC PHONETICS Analysis of the articulatory, perceptual, and acoustic aspects of speech.

LING 515: FIELD METHODS Practical experience in linguistic data collection and the analysis of the sound and form systems of an unfamiliar language.

LING 519: CORPUS LINGUISTICS Theoretical and practical issues related to using corpora in linguistic analysis.

LING 523: INTRO STATISTICS FOR LINGUISTIC DATA Basic statistical concepts, analysis methods and visualization techniques focusing on linguistic data 

LING 555: SPEECH PERCEPTION Overview of the historical development and current issues in the investigation of speech perception 

LING 601: PHONOLOGY I Current appoaches to phonological theory, focusing on constraint-based analysis.

LING 602: SEMINAR IN SYNTAX Critical examination of selected theoretical issues in morphosyntax.

LING 603: QUANTITATIVE METHODS Multivariate statistical methods as applied to linguistic data, and other statistical techniques of interest to linguists 

LING 604: SEMINAR IN PSYCHOLINGUISTICS Review of current theories and research in psycholinguistics.

LING 605: SEMINAR IN EXPERIMENTAL PHONETICS A survey of the present state of knowledge in speech production and perception.

LING 607: LINGUISTIC TYPOLOGY An examination of the implications that the study of language universals and linguistic typology has for theories of grammar.

LING 608: MORPHOLOGY Current approaches to morphological theory and analysis, and their implications for grammatical theories and models of the lexicon.

LING 610: FORMAL GRAMMATICAL THEORY In-depth examination of a current grammatical theory.

LING 611: PHONOLOGY II Current examination of selected topics in phonology, focusing on issues of representation.

LING 620: SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION AND BILINGUALISM Major theories and issues in second language acquisition and bilingualism research 

LING 638:TOPICS IN CHILD LANGUAGE ACQUISITION Recent theoretical and empirical research on child language acquisition. Special focus on either bilingual, second language, or language-impaired populations of child learners.