Linguistics Welcomes New Faculty Members

The Department of Linguistics is please to announce the arrival of two new faculty members!

04 August 2016

The Department of Linguistics is extremely happy to welcome two new faculty members starting this fall term: Dr. Anja Arnhold and Dr. Evangelia Daskalaki

Drs. Arnhold and Daskalaki bring expertise and interests in two areas which bolster the Department's pioneering approach to blending the best of the forefront of Linguistics with cutting-edge developments in cognitive science, empirical methodologies, speech science, language technology, and application of these strengths to applied issues in Linguistics--endangered language documentation, sustainability and revitalization.

Dr Arnhold studies prosody and how it interacts with other grammatical tools to express meaning when people exchange information in discourse, a key developing and relatively unexplored area in the language sciences. Uniting phonetics and phonology, her work adds to the departmental strength in empirical methodologies. She applies an experimental approach to familiar and less-studied languages to explore language as a complex and dynamic cognitive system.

Dr. Daskalaki explores linguistic variation in populations (heritage speakers vs. monolingual speakers) and languages (Greek vs. other Indo-European and non Indo-European languages). Her current research focuses on morpho-syntactic properties of heritage languages, and factors involved in successes and struggles of people seeking to preserve and foster these languages and their longevity. Her work adds to the department's efforts on endangered language sustainability and brings Greek into the department's repertoire.

Please watch for further announcements on new courses, research opportunities and other exciting outcomes from these two new members of the Department.