Graduate Students

Abdulaziz Alarifi (PhD)
Phonetics, phonology, second language phonology, L2 phonology/orthography interface, Arabic language

Aisha Barise (MSc) Syntax, morpho-syntax, voice and valence, Japanese linguistics, language change and phonology.

Wenfu Bao (MSc)
Psycholinguisitcs, second language acquisition, phonetics, and phonology
Rodrigo Becerra (PhD)
Grammar and information structure, functional and cognitive linguistics, Mapuche language, language documentation and revitalization

Dalia Cristerna Roman (MA)
Spanish syntax and semantics, psycholinguistics, nominal phrase structure
Kayla Day (PhD)

First and second language acquisition, phonological acquisition

Dagmara Dowbor (PhD)
Cognitive linguistics, semantics, pragmatics, corpus linguistics, semantics/syntax interface, grammaticalization

Michelle Garcia-Vega (PhD) Language documentation, Totonac languages, morpho-syntax/semantics, phonetics
Lex Giesbrecht (MA) Indigenous languages, endangered languages, morphology, morphosyntax, semantics.
Krithika Govingarajan (PhD)
Language acquisition, bilingualism, language disorders

Atticus Harrigan (PhD)
Corpus linguistics, computational linguistics, North American indigenous languages, language documentation and revitalization, morphosyntax and phonetics.

Claudia Heinrich (PhD)
Cognitive linguistics and semantics, Talmyan semantics, corpus linguistics

Regina Hert (PhD)

Jennifer Hinnell (PhD)
Co-speech gesture, multimodality, language in interaction, cognitive semantics, corpus linguistics
Isabell Hubert (PhD)
Extra-linguistic information and individual differences (personality, politics) in language comprehension, experimental psycholinguistics, pupillometry.

Matthew Kelley (PhD)
Phonetics, spoken word recognition, automatic speech recognition.

Pamela Labonte (MSc) Language documentation and revitalization, Indigenous languages of Canada (Dene, Cree), proficiency assessments and textbook design for Indigenous languages.

Erin McGarvey (MSc)

Rachel McGraw (PhD)
Linguistic anthropology, sociolinguistics, child language acquisition of Totenac, language sustainability of Totonac.

Devin Moore (PhD)
Morphosyntax, semantics, Totonac languages and documentation

Yoichi Mukai (PhD)
Phonetics, psycholinguistics, and second language speech

Filip Nenadic (PhD)

Kevin Penner (PhD) Mixtecan languages, tone analysis, phonology, phonetics, morphosyntax

Rebekka Puderbaugh (PhD)
Phonetics, field linguistics, language documentation

Alexander Rice (PhD) Morphosyntax, discourse, corpus linguistics, gesture, phonology, language documentation and revitalization, Quechuan and Western Amazonian languages.

Brian Rusk (PhD)
Child second language acquisition, morphosyntax, eye-tracking

Olivia Sammons (PhD)
Language contact; sociolinguistics; langauge documentation, description, and revitalization;  corpus development

Katherine Schmirler (PhD)
Comparative linguistics, Algonquian languages, language documentation, morphosyntax

Saliu Shittu (PhD)
Phonological acquisition, language acquisition/attrition, bilingualism

Nicholas Toler (PhD)
Language documentation and revitalization, cognitive linguistics, semantics, and morphosyntax.  Focus is primarily on study of Yup'ik-Inuit-Unangan languages and on native American languages in general.
Magdalena Winters Difani (MSc) Language acquisition, bilingualism and heritage language.