Below you will find topic descriptions for the Special Topics in Linguistics Theory Courses we are offering in the 2018-2019 Academic year. Topics courses may be taken more than once if the course content is different year to year or section to section.

Instructor Title Description
Winter 2020
LING 360
Dr. Andrea
Indigenous Languages of the Americas

An introduction to Indigenous languages of North, Central and South America, including linguistic, cultural, and sociopolitical aspects. For students interested in Indigenous peoples, languages, cultures, history, and decolonization. LING 360 will count towards your undergraduate degree in Linguistics, and towards the new Certificate in Language Documentation and Revitalization, to be launched in 2020.Prerequisite: LING 101 Contact Dr. Wilhelm for more information

Image credit: "Native America" TV series on PBS. Found at

LING 499 B1

Prof. Juhani Järvikivi

Methods in experimental psycholinguistics This course will provide an introduction to and hands-on experience with experimental design, data collection, and some of the key experimental approaches in current psycholinguistics, especially language comprehension, including classical behavioural methods as well as modern eye-tracking techniques (reading, visual world, pupillometry). The course consists of readings, tutorials, and group work which aims at designing, completing, and presenting a research project.
LING 521
Prof. Johanne Paradis Dual Language Development and Disorders This course is designed for students interested in topics like child language, bilingualism, language education and communication disorders