Degree Requirements

Please note that information here is provided as a courtesy to help you plan your program. Please consult the Linguistics Section of the University Calendar (scroll down to Linguistics) for the most up-to-date information regarding course requirements. Course descriptions can also be found in the Course Listings section of the Calendar.

Requirements for a BA in Linguistics 

Students majoring in Linguistics must include the following courses in their program:

 • LING 101 — Introduction to Linguistics  • LING 308 — Morphology and the Lexicon
 • LING 204 — English Syntax  • LING 309 — Syntax and Semantics
 • LING 205 — Phonetics   • LING 310 — Introductory Phonology
 • Plus an additional *9 of which must be at the 400- or 500-level

See also Bachelor of Arts (BA) Program requirements section of the Calendar for additional Faculty-level requirements. 

Requirements for a Minor in Linguistics

The minimum requirements for a Minor are:

  • LING 101 — Introduction to Linguistic Analysis
  • LING 204 — English Syntax
  • LING 205 — Phonetics
  • one of LING 308, LING 309, or LING 310
  • two other courses in Linguistics

(Note: The Faculty of Arts requires that *6 must be at the 300- or 400-level). See  Bachelor of Arts (BA) Program requirements section of the Calendar for further requirements.