About Us

Leaders today are most effective when integrating best practices in collaboration, consultation, cultural sensitivity and ethics. Students who enroll in the Peter Lougheed Leadership College are taught the skills that will allow them to fulfill a compelling vision, make decisions based on critical thinking and sound evidence, understand diverse perspectives, resolve conflict, take risks, learn from failure, and act on values firmly anchored in ethical and social responsibility. We share these lessons beyond the student body by offering public lectures through the Lougheed College Lectures. 

Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies 

Offered as a two year embedded academic program, the Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies is designed to be completed in conjunction with most undergraduate degrees offered by the University of Alberta. Over the course of the program, students should expect to complete a total of 12 course credits, a number of short workshops, a summer stretch experience and a final capstone project. Find out more about the program on our Certificate page.



The Lougheed Leadership College has a number of partnerships with programs across and beyond the University of Alberta. These include the courses hosted by the faculties of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences, Arts, the Alberta School of Business, and Science.


Additional Development Opportunities

The Lougheed College Lecture Series offers all U of A students the opportunity to hear from some of today’s most inspirational, influential, and innovative visiting scholars and practitioners of leadership. The free evening sessions are held throughout the fall and winter terms and have featured guests including Dr. Shawna Pandya, Todd Babiak, Kim Katrin and Tiq Milan, Mark Tewksbury, and more. Attendance is required for all first-year students in the certificate program.

View the 2018-19 calendar and speakers on the Lougheed College Lectures page.


To create leaders with skills and values that will enable them to guide positive change in the world through their commitment to “uplifting the whole people.”


The Peter Lougheed Leadership College will create a wide array of opportunities for undergraduates and emerging leaders to gain skills, experience and understanding needed to demonstrate excellence in leadership in all walks of life and to provide leadership to the greater benefit of society.



  • Excellence
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Inclusive
  • Dynamic
  • Innovative
  • Connected

PLLC Graduates

We welcomed our inaugural class in September, 2015, and they graduated in 2017. 

Our graduates spent their Stretch Experiences, a 200-hour volunteer requirement, helping communities across the globe. Read about their experiences on the PLLC Stretch blog, or learn more about this program component on the Stretch page.