Student FAQ

Why should I join PLLC?

Our program intends to make students life ready, which includes creating opportunities to practice interdisciplinary skills through experiential learning in a cooperative space. Students will learn from industry professionals, such as mentors, and gain real-world skills through co-curricular programming. Personal development and education on leadership and ethics will help students lead in their field of study.


What kind of work and assignments can I expect?

PLLC courses are unique and rely on experiential learning—instead of traditional lectures, students actively apply course content in class via creative activities and facilitated discussion. Assignment and activities are mostly based on real-life situations, current events and innovative research that engage students to problem-solve and reflect on their leadership practice. There are no midterms or final exams; assignments are often written. There is a strong focus on teamwork in both class activities and assignments.


What courses will I take?

Students enrolled in the PLLC are required to take four courses over two years for a total of 12 credits. In many cases, students are able to embed some or all of their PLLC courses in their primary degrees.


Year One

  • INT D 301: Topics in Leadership | *3 credits | ALES

  • INT D 306: Foundations of Leadership *3 credits | Arts


Year Two

  • INT D 406: Capstone Leadership Project | *3 credits | Science

  • INT D 407: Workshops in Leadership | *3 credits | Business

All courses are scheduled on Monday evenings from 5:30-8:30 p.m. Classes are year-long and alternate week by week.


Can the program be completed online or remotely?

No, as the forum-based, seminar-style classes and assignments require in-person participation.


Can I enroll in the courses individually without applying to the PLLC?

No, our courses are designed to be taken together in our forum model.


What awards or financial support is available?

Three $10,000 entrance scholarships are available to first-year PLLC scholars. Additionally, each student is eligible for up to $5,000 in Stretch Experience funding, which is awarded in the summer between your first and second year. After completing a Stretch Experience, students may apply to be considered for the Tavender Award, which will grant an additional $5,000 to the project. Visit the Registrar Office’s Awards website for full award details.


Students in financial need are encouraged to apply for the Supplementary Bursaries program. PLLC has provided additional funding to this program for PLLC students in financial need.


Can I join the program if I’m not a University of Alberta student?

No, you must be registered in a UAlberta undergraduate degree to participate. If you’re planning to transfer, you can apply to join the College upon your acceptance to UAlberta.


What costs are associated with the program?

Regular tuition and fees apply to our courses. Extra-curricular opportunities are offered at no extra cost. Students should speak with their Faculty Approver to see if PLLC courses count towards their primary degree, reducing the cost of PLLC tuition.


Is PLLC a residential program?

No, PLLC scholars receive the same opportunities regardless of their place of residence. However, applicants who are accepted into the college and apply to live in residence by April 30th are guaranteed a space in Peter Lougheed Hall, if they wish to live there.