Teaching Fellows

PLLC uses a unique instructional model that organizes scholars into small, interdisciplinary forums. Each forum is facilitated by a Teaching Fellow, who is a graduate, law, or professional student.

The PLLC Teaching Fellow program is composed of a teaching assistantship and professional development. The teaching assistantship component of this program will be an average of 12 hours per week (per the GSA agreement) and includes regular TA duties. The professional development averages 9 hours a month for teaching support and  monthly professional development.

This Teaching Fellow program provides a unique opportunity to teach undergraduates from faculties across the University of Alberta while receiving training in pedagogy and leadership, including teacher training on facilitating discussion, assessment, and classroom management, as well as leadership skills workshops on topics including public speaking, collaborative negotiation, and imposter phenomenon.

Summer Training Dates

Prior to submitting your application, please review the following schedule for important dates and deadlines.

  • Teacher training sessions: Diverse workshops will be held to build Teaching Fellows’ skills and capacity to deliver interdisciplinary content and experiential learning activities.
    • Weekdays, July 30 to August 18, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Exact dates/times will be determined after hiring is complete) | Peter Lougheed Hall


  • Team Building Activity and Dinner
    • August 18, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm | Off Campus


  • PLLC Retreat: TFs meet their forums and assist in executing activities for scholars.
    •  August 23-25, 2018 | Peter Lougheed Hall


  • PLLC Orientation: Introduction to PLLC program. (Optional for Teaching Fellows.)
    • August 26, 2018 | Peter Lougheed Hall

Should you be unavailable for an August date due to a conference or pre-planned travel, you can note it on the application.


Teaching Fellows for First-Year Forums

Stephen Chin

Stephen Chin

JD Student
Faculty of Law
Email: schin@ualberta.ca


Kendra Cowley

PhD Student
Department of Humanities Computing, Faculty of Arts
Email: kcowley@ualberta.ca


James White

PhD Student

Department of History and Classics

Email: jawhite1@ualberta.ca


Carol Dwaik

Master's Student
Faculty of Engineering
Email: dwaik@ualberta.ca

juanita gnanapragasam

Juanita Gnanapragasam

Master's Student
School of Public Health
Email: gnanapra@ualberta.ca


Michael Dubnewick

PhD Student
Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation
Email: dubnewic@ualberta.ca

Teaching Fellows for Second-Year Forums

Lebogang Disele

PhD Student

Department of Drama, Faculty of Arts

Email: disele@ualberta.ca

Lily Ren

Master's Student
Department of Materials Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
Email: xr@ualberta.ca


Alleson Mason

PhD Student
Faculty of Education
Email: mason@ualberta.ca


Grace Cleveland

JD Student
Faculty of Law
Email: clevelan@ualberta.ca


Nancy Tran

JD Student
Faculty of Law
Email: ntran2@ualberta.ca


Daisy Raphael

PhD Student
Department of Political Science, Faculty of Arts
Email: dmraphae@ualberta.ca


Jonathan Dubue

MEd Student
Department of Education Psychology, Faculty of Education
Email: jonathan.dubue@ualberta.ca


Roseleen John

Master's Student
Department of Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
Email: roseleen@ualberta.ca