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Graduate, law and professional students can build their capacity to make positive change in their academic, professional and personal work.

Whether you are looking for an immersive leadership development experience or just want to work on a specific leadership skill, the Graduate Leadership Development program has a stream to meet your needs. Each stream provides graduate, law and professional students with opportunities to develop their leadership skills in an interdisciplinary environment through experiential learning. 

Do you want to wade, swim or dive?

Text reads: Wade: workshops, experiential, topic-based. Decorative icons for each.

Choose this stream if you want to focus on building specific leadership skills through topic-focused, experiential workshops.

Design your own leadership skill development program by participating in the workshops of your choice. Build your leadership skills with an interdisciplinary group of graduate students in one-off experiential workshops that focus on a specific leadership skill, from public speaking to negotiation to media training.

Wade with PLLC

Text reads: Swim: scaffolded, skill-development, networking. Decorative icons for each.

Choose this stream if you want to dedicate time to developing a specific leadership skill in the Fall or Winter semester.

Delve deeper into a specific leadership skill with Swim, which includes a series of three experiential, scaffolded workshops on a skill or competency in a small, cohort-based experience. Choose this stream to receive individual coaching and engage in deep discussion and networking with other participants.

This stream is not being offered in the 2021-22 academic year.

Swim with PLLC

Text reads: Dive: cohort, adaptive, reflective, deep. Decorative icons for each.

Choose this stream if you want to focus on leadership challenges specific to you and develop your problem-solving skills.

Through this eight-month experience, you will work in an interdisciplinary cohort during monthly workshops to diagnose your leadership failures and challenges. An adaptive leadership framework helps graduate students move beyond their technical expertise to solve personal and real-world problems. Participants will dive beneath the surface of their leadership challenges to consider how their own experiences and histories may contribute to them. Post-doctoral fellows (PDFs) are also welcome to participate.

Dive with PLLC

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