Swim Workshop Series

Each semester, the Swim stream offers a series of three experiential workshops that provide participants with a significant opportunity to build a specific leadership skill in a small cohort-based experience.

Swim sessions are capped at 20 participants to ensure individual coaching and deep discussion. Participation in all three workshops is mandatory as the workshops are carefully scaffolded to deepen the leadership practice of both the individual participants and the cohort as a group. While these workshops are designed for graduate students, post-docs are welcome to participate.

Cost$100 + GST per workshop series (includes three workshops)  

Swim workshops will not be offered in the 2021-22 academic year. In the meantime, students interested in leadership development can participate in our Wade workshops.

Fall 2020 Swim Series

Wâhkôhtowin: Relationship Building as Leadership Practice with Assistant Dean Shana Dion and Elder Francis Whiskeyjack from 4 - 6 pm on October 13, October 20, and October 27, 2020.

Workshop descriptions:

Workshop #1: Grounding / Histories and Importance of Ceremony

Elder Francis Whiskeyjack along with Shana Dion will give a synopsis of the history of First Peoples of Canada and why Ceremony is so important for moving forward in keeping the old ways and teachings alive for the next seven generations. 

Workshop #3: Speaking your Truth

How we wish to wrap up our time together is by sharing with each other, what we will take away from our time together. It’s dedicating time to speaking truth even if you are uncertain what the outcome will be. It's important to give space to honor each voice and to respect each other as we move along this journey with each other.

Workshop #2: Wâhkôhtowin / Relationships Can't Suffer During Times of Crisis

Shana values relationships; it is the wâhkôhtowin she was taught through her Cree teachings since she was a little girl. Nohkom (her grandmother) taught here that sharing and kindness are vital in all relationships. Sharing shows that we care. Kindness shows that we are concerned about others’ well being. Sharing and kindness should not stop in times of crisis, in fact it's vital and costs nothing.

Winter 2021 Swim Series

Pitch Yourself: Public Speaking as Leadership Practice with voice and public speaking coach Alyson Connolly from 5-7 pm on January 20, January 27, and February 3, 2021.

Workshop descriptions:

Workshop #1: Fundamentals of Persuasive Public Speaking for Leadership

A persuasive leader helps people move toward a belief that they currently don’t hold.

They do this by being clear in their message but at the same time, openminded and willing to hear others’ opinions. In a safe environment they invite debate, ask questions that provoke conversation, and create positive outcomes.

In this workshop you will learn:
  • How to  match your tone to the group, communicate your passion for what you are speaking about, and the power of nonverbal communication.
  • How body language helps to make you look and feel like a leader.
  • How eye contact gives you more confidence and helps in communicating with the people you need to persuade.
  • How to feel in control when you are being questioned.
  • How to eliminate anxiety and keep the Fight, Flight or Freeze Response in check by quieting your mind, breathing, and visualization.
Workshop #2: Personal Brand Building for Grad Students: Identify and Finesse your Leadership Brand for the Job Market

As a graduate or law student, what sets you apart? How do the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired through your graduate work apply to potential jobs and opportunities outside of academia? How can you identify your unique leadership style, build your personal brand around it, and position yourself in the job market to give yourself a competitive edge?

In this part-lecture, part-activity-based workshop, participants will gain a basic understanding of personal brand building, work to identify key aspects of their personal brand and leadership style, and determine ways to best position their academic knowledge and leadership skills for the job market and other opportunities.

Workshop co-facilitator: Carina Ludgate

The founder and principal of Henryk Branding Co., Carina is a passionate brand builder and strategic thinker. With over six years of industry experience creating brands and effectively managing them, Carina has a reputation for producing high-quality work with optimized results.

Her attention to detail and tactical know-how allow Carina to execute with accuracy and professionalism, ensuring the best outcomes for every client portfolio. She is an enthusiastic brand creator who loves to see a client’s brand come to life through a variety of strategic channels. Carina has extensive experience working in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, and has worked with small to mid-sized companies on both a local and national level.

Carina holds a Bachelor of Arts in political science from the University of Alberta, a Bachelor of Communications from MacEwan University, and is currently completing a Masters of Arts in Communications and Technology. Her Masters thesis is focused on brand communication and its impact on brand loyalty.

A firm believer in giving back, Carina spends a lot of her time volunteering, including every Wednesday when she visits Alzheimer’s patients with her therapy dog, Edward. She also dedicates time to mentoring the next generation through a variety of informal and formal channels, including the InterVivos Mentorship Society and The Peter Lougheed Leadership College.

As a Lululemon Legacy Ambassador, Carina loves to engage in physical activity—usually in Edmonton’s beautiful river valley.

Workshop #3: Elevating Your Elevator Pitch

This workshop is the culmination of the previous two workshops. Prior to the workshop, you will be given instructions on how to write an Elevator Pitch based on your personal brand. Each participant will present their pitch and Alyson will coach each participant individually.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • What goes into crafting an Elevator Pitch
  • How to write and present a clear Elevator Pitch
  • How to tailor it to fit different audiences
  • How to recover when you are interrupted, distracted, or make a mistake

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