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Workshop participants hold their arms in the air in a power pose following the facilitator

Public speaking coach Alyson Connolly had participants engaging and practicing their power poses in the Communication Skills for Leaders workshop.

Choose this stream if you want to focus on building specific leadership skills through topic-focused, experiential workshops.

Design your own leadership skill development program by participating in workshops of your choice. Build your leadership skills with an interdisciplinary group of graduate, professional and law students in two-hour experiential workshops that focus on a specific leadership skill, from public speaking to negotiation to media training.

Applications are not required to participate, but registration is required due to the limited capacity of each workshop. While the workshops are designed for graduate, professional and law students, post-docs are welcome to participate. Students from from all post-secondary institutions are invited to attend.

Program cost: $25 per session.

2020-21 Workshops

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Human-Centred Change Leadership with Maxine Clarke & Danita Haysom

April 14, 2021 at 10 AM MST via Zoom 

All professions have "users," yet the viewpoint of the user is often ignored or assumed to be known when designing solutions for them, which leads to critical leadership errors. This presentation will identify patterns and triggers for individuals experiencing change and offer a human-centred approach to change design. By the end of the workshop, consultants Maxine Clarke and Danita Haysom will have shown you how to intentionally engage your “users” in designing their change experience.

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About the Facilitators

About the Facilitators

Danita Haysom’s 25 years of talent management experience has involved creating methodologies, tools and approaches for blue chip clients from Yellowknife to Houston, and Halifax to Sacramento. Through years in senior leadership roles within global consulting firms providing strategy and solutions for large scale transformation projects, Danita has provided thought leadership on the shift toward taking a human-centred approach change leadership. Danita is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR), and holds an MBA, a Bachelor of Education, a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Communications and IDEO design thinking certificate.

Maxine Clarke's 17 years of experience as a consultant, senior manager, adjunct faculty member and executive coach has significantly enhanced the capacity of individuals, teams, and organizations. She has designed learning and change methodologies for Canadian and international organizations and built leadership and team capability to bring them to life. Maxine's love of business and psychology enable her to engage a modern, human-centred approach to change that delivers clear results. Maxine holds degrees in Commerce and Organizational Development and is certified as an Professional Certified Coach and Project Management Professional.

Danita and Maxine co-founded Flip Learning in 2019 and guide their practice by their shared values of curiosity, courage, and delight.

These sessions may be used towards the University of Alberta Professional Development Requirement which includes an individualized career plan document called an Individual Development Plan (IDP) and the completion of eight hours of professional development activities inspired by your career plan. All professional development activities must be approved by your department.


Previous workshops in the 2020-21 series:

Compassionate and Collaborative Leadership | Amarjeet Sohi

September 16, 2020 via Zoom - Open to the Public

The COVID-19 crisis exposed our deep vulnerabilities, but it also revealed a beautiful strength within us: Our ability to be compassionate, humble and empathetic. Tackling this reality will require new forms of leadership. Are we going back to the normal of “hierarchies”? Or are we going to tap into the compassion and empathy we are so capable of?

In Amarjeet Sohi's experience, hierarchical leadership structures have long been obsolete. How do we create a compassionate and collaborative workplace⏤one where the best idea is turned into a collective idea, no matter who invents it? How do we nurture our teams so everyone in the organization feels valued and is tapping into their highest potential? This workshop will investigate these questions in a practical, interactive way. In the end, you'll have learned how to listen and engage with an open mind, not with perceived bias, to help build a more inclusive and empathic world.

About the Facilitator

Amarjeet Sohi is a Senior Advisor at ALAR Strategy Group

Sohi is the former Member of Parliament, the Minister of Infrastructure and Communities and the Minister of Natural Resources. His time in public service is marked by success in managing divergent stakeholders’ interests, collaborative leadership, intergovernmental relations, crown corporation oversight and indigenous consultations. He oversaw the development and implementation of the largest infrastructure investment plan in Canadian history. He worked diligently to promote the sustainable development of Canada’s natural resources while protecting the environment and respecting the rights of Indigenous Peoples. One of his many achievements is leading a successful consultation process with Indigenous communities that allowed the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project to move forward. While serving on Edmonton City Council, Sohi played a prominent role in developing and implementing policies to build welcoming, diverse and inclusive communities. He has received several awards for his community leadership and he currently lives in Edmonton with his wife Sarbjeet.

The Listening of a Leader | Billy Strean

September 25, 2020 via Zoom

There is a difference between what we hear (what enters our ears) and what we listen to (what lands for us), yet the skill of listening is a foundational leadership competency. This workshop will explore these two powerful distinctions of listening through brief presentations and various active learning strategies. Dr. Billy Strean, a 3M National Teaching Fellow, will lead you through experiential activities to discover what is in the way of really listening and build your capacity to listen, not just hear.

About the Facilitator

Billy Strean, Ph.D. is Professor and 3M National Teaching Fellow in the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, & Recreation at the University of Alberta. Dr. Strean has extensive training in a variety of leadership disciplines, including achieving the designation of Master Somatic Coach through his work at Strozzi Institute. Billy has delivered over 500 keynotes and workshops across North America.

We Make it Together | Aaron Paquette

October 9, 2020 via Zoom

Everything we do is an act of creation. From transforming the elements in each breath, to planning a day, to setting legal precedent. We shape the world with every choice we make and every action we take. Leadership in this context is a generative act of guiding the energy, skills, and resourcefulness of ourselves and others to intentionally build new paths. As an author, an artist, and a speaker, Aaron Paquette has made a career out of this concept. As a politician and current Edmonton city councillor, he has employed these principles and has discovered that the same values apply and indeed, are essential, to community focused leadership and service.

About the Facilitator

As a lifelong Edmontonian and a parent raising his family in Ward 4, Councillor Paquette is committed to building strong and diverse communities in northeast Edmonton.

Prior to his election to Council, Aaron worked as an award-winning Indigenous artist and author. His work can be viewed in museums, schools, hospitals and LRT stations across our city. His novel, Lightfinder, is taught in schools and post-secondary institutions across Canada. He has also worked with local schools in Edmonton’s north side to help create mural projects.

His passion for education also led him to work with Alberta Education, various school boards and teachers associations to help develop art curriculum and improve academic achievement. In 2012, he created an education conference to lay new ground for more effective approaches to creating healthy and respectful learning environments for students and teachers.

In his role as City Councillor for Ward 4, Aaron sits on Executive Committee, Utility Committee and the City Manager and City Auditor Performance Evaluation Committee. He has sponsored the Council Initiative on Food Security, and has also taken a leadership role working on the Child-Friendly Edmonton, End Poverty Edmonton, Multiculturalism and Urban Isolation/Mental Health initiatives.

Aaron lives in Brintnell with his wife Clarice and their four children.

Becoming a Values-Based Leader | Tamreen Arif & Jill Shillabeer

October 15, 2020 via Zoom

In this workshop, EDI experts Tamreen Arif and Jill Shillabeer will coach you to explore and describe your personal leadership values. Building on your individual perspectives and strengths, you will also be challenged to work in groups to negotiate shared team values with a focus on consensus and shared understanding. You will have the opportunity to reflect on what drives each other as leaders, individually and collectively. Effective, efficient, and constructive communication skills will be tested as participants seek shared understanding.

About the Facilitator

Tamreen and Jill are deeply committed to building leadership capacity and equity. They have facilitated training sessions for government employees and the general public since 2016, including Women’s Leadership and Unconscious Bias. Their current project, “You Need This Box,” provides resources to help individuals learn to talk about racism and create lasting social impact. For more information visit: https://www.youneedthisbox.ca/

Tamreen Arif is an equity and inclusion specialist, with a focus on creating a culture of intentional inclusion and empowering diverse leaders. She is the founding President of Inspire Her Society, a non-profit dedicated to unlocking the leadership potential of the next generation of women. She is a strategic leader in the public service and committed community volunteer. Her interest in creating InspireHer stems from a desire to see more opportunities for women to build each other up and create a supportive environment. For more information visit: https://www.inspirehersociety.com/

Jill Shillabeer was the inaugural Director of Women in Leadership and Democratic Participation for the Government of Alberta and has worked in equity and inclusion since 2013, both professionally and as a volunteer. Whether in organizations or community settings, Jill seeks opportunities to help individuals engage with their own agency to make the world a more equitable place and create space for marginalized voices. With over 15 years in the public service, Jill has extensive experience navigating leadership at all levels of an organization. 

The Power of Story | Marni Panas

October 28, 2020 via Zoom

Vulnerability is a strength: a well timed, intentional personal story can build a connection between leaders and those they are mobilizing. Queer rights advocate Marni Panas used her story to leverage change to trans rights legislation in Canada; join her to learn how when we lead with our stories, we build trust and strengthen as a team. She will provide you with the tools and encouragement to use your own story as a powerful catalyst to create positive change.

About the Facilitator

Marni Panas leads the diversity and inclusion team with one of Canada's largest employers where she is dedicated to creating safer, more welcoming and inclusive environments in health care. She holds a degree in Health Administration and a Canadian Certified Inclusion Professional designation. Marni has been invited to share her experiences and expertise inclusion and cultural safety for LGBTQ2S+ people locally, nationally and internationally. She was part of the work that led to gender identity and gender expression being added as protected grounds to Alberta and Canada’s Human Rights Acts. She was a member of the Advisory Committee that helped draft the apology that Prime Minister Justine Trudeau delivered to LGBTQ2S+ people in Canada in the House of Commons in November, 2017. You can hear Marni in local and national media and has made appearances on CNN and the BBC. Marni embraces storytelling as a means to inspire change. In her honest and inspiring TED talk, Marni shares, through her personal stories, her sometimes heartbreaking, other times funny, but always real journey as a transgender woman finding the courage to overcome fear.

Collaborative Negotiations | Jared Wesley

November 4, 2020 via Zoom

Transform your results from conflict to consensus. This workshop will help you build skills in collaborative negotiation⏤an approach that is useful in situations ranging from high-stakes bargaining and mediation, to managing professional and personal relationships. In this workshop, practicing political scientist and former bureaucrat Jared Wesley will offer opportunities to learn skills in collaborative negotiations through a combination of case studies and active simulation exercises.

About the Facilitator

Jared Wesley is a pracademic -- a practicing political scientist and former bureaucrat -- whose career path to an Associate Professor role in the Department of Political Science at the University of Alberta has included senior management positions in the Alberta Executive Council and the Alberta Public Service Commission. His practical experience as an intergovernmental negotiator and expertise as a political scientist combine to offer a unique set of insights on collaborative negotiations. Follow him on Twitter (@DrJaredWesley).

A Hitman's Guide to Leading with Emotional Intelligence | Bob Stenhouse

November 18, 2020 via Zoom 

Do you ever wonder what differentiates a successful leader from an unsuccessful one? The ingredient is Emotional Intelligence - or EQ for short. In this workshop, workplace culture consultant, Bob Stenhouse will use his own personal story (as an undercover hitman - among other roles) as the back-drop to his presentation on the five key components of EQ, inviting reflection and interactive dialogue. You will then be invited to role play with the instructor in your role as a supervisor providing performance feedback - experiencing and anticipating the emotions to come. The workshop will end with you taking a short online EQ quiz to assess where you are on the EQ journey, followed by time for a Q and A.

About the Facilitator

Bob Stenhouse is a retired RCMP organized crime, homicide and undercover investigator. Posing as a hitman for hire - and gaining convictions of would be killers - has been a catalyst for Bob's lifelong quest to gain insight and understanding into the human condition. Bob made national news as a police whistleblower, exposing ethical wrongdoing, and his success through both the courts of public opinion and law, transformed his life and passion into helping others develop healthy, accountable and psychologically safe workplaces.

Bob has held senior leadership positions in policing, healthcare and business. He is the owner of a workplace investigations and training firm - Veritas Solutions - with specialization in psychological violence ( harassment/bullying/sexual harassment) risk management and investigations. Bob also conducts workplace culture assessments and team charters - as a pro-active solution to toxic work environments.

Bob has a masters degree in the humanities, certificates in psychological health and safety in the workplace, emotional intelligence, change management, corporate training, and executive leadership.

As the leader of investigations for over 36 years - fifteen in the workplace - Bob has, indeed, seen and examined the Good, Bad and Ugly, and shares story, evidence, anecdote and inspiration to the future change agents who wish to champion for a more civil and psychologically safe workplace.

Bob has presented keynote addresses, conducted training workshops and conference presentations to thousands of participants across the country. Bob's presentations are insightful, entertaining, inspiring and evoke a strong desire for positive change.

Futures Thinking for Leaders: Decision-making under Uncertainty | Salvatore Cucchiara

December 3, 2020 via Zoom

In uncertain times, it can feel as though there are so many moving parts that making decisions feels both uncomfortable and ill-advised. How might leaders move past analysis-paralysis and gut instinct, to make informed decisions about their organizations in increasingly volatile and uncertain situations? Foresight practitioner Salvatore Cucchiara will introduce foresight as an approach to exploring, addressing, and indeed leveraging future uncertainty in decision-making. After this workshop, you’ll develop a better understanding of what foresight is and how foresight might contribute to your leadership practice.

About the Facilitator

Salvatore Cucchiara is a foresight practitioner who combines futures, systems, and strategy to help organizations better influence and adapt to the future. He has worked with the Government of Alberta for almost a decade, dividing his time between strategic policy shops and the Alberta CoLab --the first ever public sector innovation lab in Canada. He is passionate about strategy, uncertainty, gamification… and pizza. A political theorist by training, he has published in Risk Watch: Thought Leadership in Risk, Foucault Studies, FORMakademisk: Research Journal of Design and Design Education, and PhaenEx: Journal of Existential and Phenomenological Theory and Culture.

Leading with Purpose | Cristina Stasia

January 28, 2021 via Zoom 

Staying connected to our purpose grounds our leadership in our deepest values instead of the competing demands of others. PLLC’s Director of Instruction and leadership trainer Dr. Cristina Stasia will lead participants through an adaptive leadership activity that challenges them to consider why they are doing what they are doing--and identify strategies for what to do when the what is disconnected from the why.

About the Facilitator

Dr. Cristina Stasia is an award-winning university lecturer and the Director of Instruction at the Peter Lougheed Leadership College. She is currently completing an executive certificate in Public Leadership, with a focus on adaptive leadership, at the Kennedy School of Government. In recognition of her teaching excellence and innovative pedagogy in the Faculty of Arts, she received the William Hardy Award for Excellence in University Teaching and, via the Last Lecture competition, was voted by students as one of the top three most in spiring instructors at the University of Alberta. Her commitment to experiential learning and putting theory into practice via community engagement led to being recognized as one of Edmonton’s “Top 40 Under 40” by Avenue magazine. Cristina is the founder of Level Consulting; as a consultant and leadership trainer, she has worked with clients including the City of Edmonton, government ministries, schools, and private businesses. She has served on numerous boards including SAVE (Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton), ETSAB (Edmonton Transit Service Advisory Board), and was a founding member of WAVE (Women’s Advocacy Voice of Edmonton, chair of policy subcommittee).

Media Training | Stacey Brotzel

February 10, 2021 via Zoom 

Who wants a glossy eye reaction when describing years of hard work and research? No one. Longtime reporter and anchor Stacey Brotzel will help you convey your message in terms people can understand and even get excited about. If you get media attention for your work, she can help you condense ideas in a short format palatable for all audiences. She will help people ‘buy in’ to your work and see your vision without all the jargon. It’s about connection and she will help you find your story so you can relate to a plugged in audience.

About the Facilitator

Stacey Brotzel was the co-host of CTV Morning Live at CTV Edmonton and has developed her craft working for a variety of local television stations throughout western Canada. A graduate of NAIT, Brotzel has covered the Edmonton news beat since 1997 but before that worked in Kelowna, Saskatchewan, and Winnipeg during the massive floods in 1997.

She has won 2 AMPIA awards for her reporting. She also won a Rosie for Best Host in 2015. For the last couple of years, she picked up the Best Morning Show Host honour in surveys done by the Edmonton Journal and Vue magazine.

Performing Under Pressure | Klaudia Sapieja

February 25, 2021 via Zoom 

Leaders face scenarios and situations where the “pressure” is high, yet many have not been trained to deliver their skills under scenarios that are deemed stressful. In this workshop, Green & Gold sports psychology expert Klaudia Sapieja will lead you to gain awareness around your relationship with pressure and learn strategies to cope with high-pressure scenarios by aligning your actions with your core values.

About the Facilitator

Klaudia Sapieja completed her M.A. in Sport Psychology from the University of Alberta in 2009. She currently leads a high-quality integrated mental training program for the Green & Gold Sport System at the University of Alberta. This includes providing performance psychology services to student athletes, varsity staff, and pre-varsity athletes using a variety of modalities which include individual consulting, team workshops, train the trainer sessions, and embedded mental training sessions. Her passion lies in helping athletes excel in both life and sport through a holistic approach. Her interests are broad and include culture building, confidence building, mindfulness training, embedding mental training into practice, and mental health support. She is a certified Mental Performance Consultant with the Canadian Sport Psychology Association.

Leveraging Effectiveness for Leadership | Bailey Sousa & Alex Clark

March 3, 2021 via Zoom

Which grad student doesn’t want to be effective, successful, and happy? But it’s not going to happen by magic. Drawing on cutting-edge research, join us to identify and explore key leadership skills and approaches for graduate study and career success. During the workshop, you will draw on your values to identify your key work success indicators, formulate the right priorities, learn to learn from every situation, and envision how to be more effective. These skills are key to being successful now and in the future as you build your leadership toolbox. Harnessing your passions, aspirations, and preferences - come to learn more about how you can sustain true success utilizing vital leadership skills.

About the Facilitators

Alex Clark is the Associate Vice President (Research and Innovation) and Bailey Sousa is the Director of Operations at the Peter Lougheed Leadership College, both at the University of Alberta. Their work on academic skills has been featured in The Guardian, Times Higher Education, and various professional journals. They have spoken and led interdisciplinary workshops throughout Canada and all over the world on aspects of academic work, including: incorporating values, developing success indicators, successful failure, writing publications for impact, grantsmanship, and much more. Founders of The Effective, Successful, Happy Academic, and the authors of "How to be a happy academic" (Sage: London, 2018), they share a passion for effectiveness and aspiration in knowledge work.

Crafting Your Own Leadership Philosophy | Scott Kennedy

March 17, 2021 via Zoom 

The first step within any leadership journey is the exploration of what leadership means to you. Who are you, and what do you stand for? What is your leadership philosophy? Why do you want to be seen as a leader? In this interactive workshop, organizational effectiveness practitioner Scott Kennedy will offer introspective exercises that will explain how to define and authentically articulate and practice your leadership philosophy.

About the Facilitator

Scott Kennedy has over 20 years of human capital experience within a diverse array of industries and organizations. He has held senior management and individual contributor roles focused on initiating and managing transformational organizational effectiveness initiatives.

Scott has a proven record of success as an accomplished organizational effectiveness practitioner via management portfolios within municipal and provincial governments, domestic and global professional services firms as well as within post-secondary and social profit organizations. His ability to build credibility and engagement as a trusted partner has been a result of his professional ethos characterized by client service, relationship management and high-value results.

Scott’s organizational effectiveness activities have included various clients from domestic as well as numerous foreign governments (e.g., Asia, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, etc.), First Nations communities, small to medium sized businesses, state-owned enterprises as well as various international funding institutions (e.g., Word Bank, Asian Development Bank, etc.).

Scott has a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Alberta. He also holds numerous certifications ranging from Change Management (PROSCI), Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Step I & II, to EQ-i 2.0 / EQ 360 and Insights Discovery.

Allyship and Working Against Anti-Black Racism | Black Graduate Students' Association

March 31, 2021 via Zoom

What does it mean to be an ally? How can one become an ally? Who can be an ally in the fight against systemic anti-Black racism? Well-meaning individuals often used the word “ally” to show solidarity with BIPOC people and communities. Of late, however, the word has become a buzzword, masking its limits and critique. In this workshop, the Black Graduate Students’ Association will explore allyship as a verb that requires you as a leader to meaningfully contribute to the fight against anti-Black racism. We will also explore the history of anti-Black racism in Canada, while articulating strategies for effective allyship against the structures that reinforce anti-Black racism.

About the Facilitators

Prof-Collins Ifeonu is a 3rd year PhD student in Sociology at the University of Alberta. His fundamental research interest concerns the interplay of social positions and social exchanges in a variety of contexts. His dissertation aims to uncover the complexities of Black noncitizens’ involvement in social movements, particularly how the categories of race, ethnicity and immigrant status intersect to influence this demographic’s general sensemaking, strategizing and choice of contribution made to such efforts. Despite his current commitment to Sociology, Prof-Collins’ academic and professional background is firmly rooted in Management, having completed his Bachelors’ and Masters’ degrees in Human Resource Management, and worked for a short while at public and private companies in England and his home country, Nigeria. Prof-Collins is the current President of the University of Alberta’s Black Graduate Students’ Association.

Zahro Hassan is an activist, a community worker and a researcher. She is a doctoral candidate in Educational Policy Studies at the University of Alberta. Her current research focuses on the experiences of Young Adult Refugees (YAR) as they navigate access barriers to Postsecondary Education in Canada. She has extensive community development experience within the multi-racial and multi-cultural immigrant communities of Toronto, Ottawa and Edmonton. Zahro is committed to examining societal and institutional structures that foster spaces of racism and marginalization of minority groups in society. She is a member of the Alberta Anti-Racism Advisory Council which provides advice on ways to remove systemic barriers to accessing government programs/services and identify strategies and actions to combat racism. Zahro holds the BGSA VP Academics and Professional Development position for the 2020-2021 year.

"This is not a Drill": Leadership in Critical Situations | Anthony Fields

April 7, 2021 via Zoom 

What do you do when the worst case scenario actually happens? A real case study of a healthcare organization's actions in response to a fatal medication error⏤unprecedented in the history of the organization⏤will be used to underpin discussions of mitigation of harm from an unanticipated critical incident, with an emphasis on leadership. Dr. Anthony Fields will help you ground your leadership actions in organizational values and learn from incidents while reducing the risk of them happening again.

About the Facilitator

Dr. Tony Fields is an emeritus professor in the Department of Oncology of the University of Alberta and a member of the Team of Mentors of the Peter Lougheed Leadership College. During his career, Dr. Fields practised as a medical oncologist at the Cross Cancer Institute (CCI), and held a series of senior leadership positions, including Director of the CCI, Vice President, Medical Affairs and Community Oncology of the former Alberta Cancer Board, and Vice President, Cancer Care of Alberta Health Services. He has served on the boards or senior committees of a number of provincial and national organizations in the public, voluntary and professional sectors. His contributions to health services have been recognized by several awards, including appointment as a Member of the Order of Canada. His experience as a healthcare administrator has included pivotal roles in organizational response to challenging situations.

2019-20 Workshops

Get to know our speakers in the Speaker Biographies document

Communication Skills for Leaders | Alyson Connolly
September 11, 2019 (As shown in the banner image above)

Learn the fundamentals of impactful public speaking including how to use your voice, body, and concise language to improve your communication skills. Public speaking coach Alyson Connolly will lead you through a series of exercises to help you overcome your anxiety about public speaking and improve your ability to get your message across effectively.
Courageous Conversations | Shana Dion

October 17, 2019

Build your capacity to engage in difficult conversations while maintaining the dignity of all involved. Shana Dion (read her bio) will help you identify your own barriers to communicating authentically and teach you how to create conditions for uncomfortable conversations that maximize a positive result. Shana will do her best to make sure this is more of a visit with a friend sharing her journey as a Nehiyaw Iskwew. She will share some of her Cree teachings that have grounded her along her journey. She will also guide a sharing circle together so everyone in the sacred circle can better open their hearts in understanding, connect with each other and learn from each other.

Navigating Imposter Phenomenon | Darrin Hagen
November 21, 2019

Explore why high-performing people often doubt their abilities and struggle to enjoy their success. Writer and performer Darrin Hagen will share his own experiences with imposter phenomenon and lead you through activities that will help you identify why you get in your own way and how to get out of it.
The Art of Failure | Aleks Sternfeld-Dunn

December 9, 2019

Students will work with a string quartet led by composer Dr. Aleks Sternfeld-Dunn, and use music and storytelling to learn the power of risk taking not only to grow ones individual strengths, but how to energize others to do the difficult work needed to make progress on our biggest challenges.

All of us have a personal bandwidth, a way of dealing with certain problems and certain people, in specific ways. However, to be a successful leader we will need to learn to grow our bandwidth, and step outside of the things that make us comfortable. As our society continues to evolve and change future leaders will need to expand their limitations by learning how to speak from the heart, take risks, and more importantly recover from the failures that come with that positive risk taking. This workshop will allow participants to develop their leadership skills by expanding their personal bandwidth, and practicing experimentation, failure, and recovery.

Essential Skills for Strategic Leadership | Salima Ebrahim

February 10, 2020

Unpredictability, uncertainty, and change: these have become the hallmarks of our work environments. But how do you manage and show in situations like this? Salima Ebrahim (read her bio) will use her current experience as a senior leader at the City of Edmonton to provide you with tangible tools and techniques that will help you be persistent in the face of setbacks, align conflicting priorities, and respond strategically to environmental shifts.

The Power of Story | Marni Panas

March 17, 2020

Vulnerability is a strength: a well timed, intentional personal story can build a connection between leaders and those they are mobilizing. Queer rights advocate Marni Panas (read her bio) used her story to leverage change to trans rights legislation in Canada; join her to learn how when we lead with our stories, we build trust and strengthen as a team. She will provide you with the tools and encouragement to use your own story as a powerful catalyst to create positive change. 

Leading with Purpose | Cristina Stasia

This event was cancelled in response to COVID-19.

Staying connected to our purpose grounds our leadership in our deepest values instead of the competing demands of others. Dr. Cristina Stasia (read her bio) will lead participants through an adaptive leadership activity that challenges them to consider why they are doing what they are doing--and identify strategies for what to do when the what is disconnected from the why.

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