"My time as a Teaching Fellow has helped reframe my experiences, provide me with tools for future challenges, and introduce me to leaders across my profession and community."

- Tristan Patterson, AKC, MA; JD Candidate, 2021

Teaching fellow program: Peter Lougheed Leadership College with an outline of someone teaching

Are you a graduate, law, or professional student interested in interdisciplinary teaching and learning? Are you keen to collaborate with colleagues from disciplines outside your own? Are you interested in building your capacity as an educator via innovative experiential learning activities and leadership development? If you answered yes to all the above, the Peter Lougheed Leadership College (PLLC) Teaching Fellow program is for you. This unique program offers training in teaching and leadership and a Teaching Assistantship (TA). Successful candidates receive a $2,500 award and are paid at the Graduate Student Association rate for their TA contract.

Teacher Training & Instruction

Teaching Fellows serve as TAs for PLLC courses, teaching undergraduates from faculties across the University of Alberta, and receive intensive teacher training on topics including facilitating discussion, assessment, and classroom management. Some of this training is covered in the Leadership Educator’s Bootcamp for Teaching Fellows in August, which they receive GTL Level 1 for completing. 

Leadership Development

Teaching Fellows also participate in Dive, a cohort-based leadership development program, during the Fall term, and Wade or Swim in the Winter term. Current Teaching Fellows applying to serve as a Teaching Fellow again will participate in eight leadership workshops of their choosing from the Wade and Swim series or have the option of participating in Dive again (with opportunities to co-facilitate).

2021-22 Teaching Fellow Program 

Teaching Fellows have been selected for the 2021-22 academic year and will be announced publicly this August. 


2020-21 Teaching Fellow Team 

Tejas smiling headshot
Tejas Ambarani

Faculty of Arts

smilling Kareema Batal
Kareema Batal

Faculty of ALES

smiling kat headshot
Katherine Fleury

School of Public Health

smiling Helene headshot
Helene Jørgensen

Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation

smiling Maria Ortiz
María Belén Ortiz

Faculty of Engineering

Smiling Tristan Patterson
Tristan Patterson

Faculty of Law

smiling will headshot
Will Schultz

Faculty of Arts

Previous Teaching Fellows
  • Oluwaseun Adedeji, Faculty of Engineering

  • Joanne Cave, Faculty of Law

  • Stephen Chin, Faculty of Law

  • Grace Cleveland, Faculty of Law

  • Kendra Cowley, Faculty of Education

  • Benjamin Denga, Faculty of Education

  • Lebogang Disele, Faculty of Arts

  • Michael Dubnewick, Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation

  • Jonathan Dubue, Faculty of Arts

  • Carol Dwaik, Faculty of Engineering

  • Kellie Fowler, Faculty of Law

  • Daniel Engelhardt, Faculty of Science

  • Zianna Esmail, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine

  • Juanita Gnanapragasam, School of Public Health

  • Peter Harrington, Faculty of Science

  • Cole Hawkins, Faculty of Arts

  • Shingirai Mandizadza, Faculty of Arts

  • Paul Nya, Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation

  • Mary Pinkoski, Faculty of Education

  • Rob Jackson, Faculty of Arts

  • Roseleen John, Faculty of Law

  • Tom Joyce, Faculty of Engineering

  • Griffin Kelly, Faculty of Arts

  • Alleson Mason, Faculty of Arts

  • Yashashwinee Parmar, Faculty of Science

  • Daisy Raphael, Faculty of Arts

  • Lily Ren, Faculty of Engineering

  • Nancy Tran, Faculty of Law

  • Nicole Wilson, Faculty of Education

  • James White, Faculty of Arts

Student Leadership Competencies

In addition to helping scholars learn and grow, Teaching Fellows develop a number of Student Leadership Competencies themselves:

  • Collaboration
  • Listening
  • Problem Solving
  • Receiving Feedback
  • Responding to Change
  • Self-Development
  • Self-Understanding
  • Verbal Communication
How We Teach Leadership


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