Lecture Archive

lecture theatre of students paying attention to a speaker

The Lougheed College Lectures sponsored by Syncrude have been broadcast online since they started in 2015 to ensure audiences at other UAlberta campuses and beyond can participate live. See a full history of the lectures below, and if the speaker has given us permission to share, click the link in the title for a recording of the presetation. 

2021-22 Series

  • Ian Chisholm | Mentorship in Complex Times (Recording not available)
  • Digit Murphy | A Coach's Approach to Decision Making
  • Dr. Lorne Tyrrell | Teamwork in Action: Canada’s Vaccine Task Force
  • Jesse Lipscombe | Advocating for a Position (Recording not available) 
  • Dr. Patricia Makokis | Serve with Humility: Leadership is Action, Not Position! (Recording not available) 
  • Dr. Kristin Neff | Self-Compassion: How to Effectively Motivate Yourself with Encouragement Rather Than Criticism (Recording not available) 

2020-21 Series

What did we learn in the 2020-21 series? Read the wrap-up article.


2019-20 Series

2018-19 Series

2017-18 Series

2016-17 Series

2015-16 Series

  • Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell | Why do we Lead?

  • Dr. Ray Muzyka & Lieutenant General Christine Whitecross | The End of Hierarchy

  • Dr. David Rast | Leadership, Influence, and Psychology

  • Dr. Deryk Beal, Kelly Falardeau, & Dr. Arya Sharma | Barriers to Participations

  • Margot Ross-Graham | Emotional Intelligence

  • Mark Tewksbury | Ethical & Moral Dimensions of Leadership