Mentorship Program

Mentorship is one of the unique benefits of the PLLC program, particularly with the high calibre of Mentor Team members available to help scholars develop leadership their skills. Our Mentorship Team is co-chaired by Anne McLellan, PC OC AOE and Dave Hancock, QC.

The Value of Mentorship for Students

University students are in the process of learning best practices and developing their skills and identities. PLLC accepts students in their third or fourth years, at a time when they are especially searching for role models. By networking with established professionals from their specific industry or subject area, students will gain real-world knowledge and personalized advice. When in-class lessons are supplemented by mentorship, students receive well-rounded instruction that prepares them to pursue their leadership journeys.

The PLLC program includes optional mentor opportunities, both formal and informal. Networking events occur both semesters and scholars are encouraged to personally reach out to Mentor Team Members to build a relationship. 

Congratulations to Mentor Team Member Michael Aherne!

Michael Aherne has been a Mentor Team Member since PLLC started in 2015 and has been essential in helping our scholars network, connect, and stretch! We're proud to see him recognized as the 2018 UAlberta Advocate by the Community Connections Award! Read his story (and a few of his mentorship tips) in Folio

Why Become a Mentor Team Member?

Our Mentor Team Members are experienced professionals from a variety of industries, including politics, law, education, and communications. They are interested in helping shape the next generation of leaders by sharing their stories. Some have taken a non-traditional path to success and want to help students do the same. Mentor Team Members will find it rewarding to watch their mentees flourish throughout the two-year PLLC program. Our Mentor Team Members will receive training on how to be effective mentors and will volunteer approximately 8 hours in the school year.