Professional Development

PLLC invites you to develop your leadership skills through lectures and workshops. Professional development opportunities currently available include:

The Art and Danger of Adaptive Leadership

An online course with Dr. Cristina Stasia

Leading effectively and inclusively in today’s increasingly polarized world requires both head and heart. Building your team’s — and your — ability to adapt to unforeseen realities also requires you to hold steady during periods of intense change. This course uses an adaptive leadership framework to strengthen your ability to tackle complex problems in your professional and personal worlds. Adaptive leadership is a critical tool and skill set for those looking to drive systemic change while being accountable to their own values and goals.

Participants will engage in public learning to test the adaptive diagnostic process together. Public learning is a collaborative process where we use the class itself as a case study, paying attention to how authority and leadership are alive in the classroom, and using classroom engagement itself as a testing ground for these new leadership approaches.

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June 4

—June 29, 2021  



Evening & weekend — 21 hrs





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Lougheed College Lectures

Text reads Dr. Deena Hinshaw presents "Leadership in Public Service: We are all in this together", as part of the Lougheed College Lectures sponsored by Syncrude. Photo of Dr. Hinshaw speaking on a stage flanked by flags.

This series offers the U of A and members of the public the opportunity to hear from some of today's most inspirational, influential, and innovative visiting scholars and practitioners of leadership. These free evening sessions have featured guests including Shawna Pandya, Todd Babiak, Kim Katrin and Tiq Milan, Mark Tewksbury, and more.

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Leadership in Public Service: We are all in this together. Presented by Dr. Deena Hinshaw

April 15, 2021 at 7 pm via Livestream

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Diversity in Diplomacy: A Speaker Series

 Illustrated abstract image of people icons with a backdrop textured by lines and dots in blue and yellow. Next to it, the words African Woman Diplomat: Challenges and Opportunities.

In partnership with University of Alberta International and Intersections of Gender, we jointly host the Diversity in Diplomacy speaker series to offer a EDI perspective on diplomatic service. 

The latest event: 

African Woman Diplomat: Challenges and Opportunities with Fatima Braoulé Méïté, Ambassador of the Republic of Mali in Canada

This event was on Thursday, Feb. 25, but the recording is available on PLLC's YouTube channel.

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