Leadership for the Future Micro-Credential

The 21st century workplace relies on the leadership abilities of every worker, as well as those with formal authority, to advance the mission of the organization. This series is for those in leadership roles and aspiring leaders in the technology sector to hone their leadership skills for scaling up their companies and careers. The series consists of two core courses, EXCPE 5344: Adaptive Leadership for Work Challenges (14 hours) and EXCPE 5345: A Coaching Approach to Leadership (14-hours). Learners choose two additional courses to round out the series:

  • EXCPE 5346: Strategy and Future Thinking (7 hours),
  • EXCPE 5347: Powerful Communication and Public Speaking (7 hours),
  • EXCPE 5348: The Power of Conflict (7 hours), or
  • EXCPE 5349: Growth Mindset for Individual and Team Success (7 hours).

Classes are facilitated in-person at the University of Alberta's Faculty of Extension, located at Enterprise Square. Those who complete the series will receive a record of achievement as well as a credential in the form of a digital badge from the Peter Lougheed Leadership College at the University of Alberta.

The registration deadline for the micro-credential was August 25, 2021. Registration for individual courses was available up to two weeks before each class began.

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CORE Courses

EXCPE 5344: Adaptive Leadership for Work Challenges (September 10th and 11th, 9am - 5pm)

This course uses an adaptive leadership framework to strengthen your ability to tackle complex problems in your professional and personal worlds. Leading effectively and inclusively requires both head and heart. Adaptive leadership is a critical tool and skill set for working with others while being accountable to your own values and goals. Participants will engage in public learning to test the adaptive diagnostic process together. Public learning is a collaborative process where we use the class itself as a case study, paying attention to how authority and leadership are alive in the classroom, using classroom engagement as a testing ground for these new leadership approaches. 

Instructor: Cristina Stasia, PhD
Dr. Cristina Stasia is an award-winning university lecturer and the Director of Instruction at the Peter Lougheed Leadership College. She is currently completing an executive certificate in Public Leadership, with a focus on adaptive leadership, at the Kennedy School of Government. In recognition of her teaching excellence and innovative pedagogy in the Faculty of Arts, she received the William Hardy Award for Excellence in University Teaching and, via the Last Lecture competition, was voted by students as one of the top three most inspiring instructors at the University of Alberta. Her commitment to experiential learning and putting theory into practice via community engagement led to being recognized as one of Edmonton’s “Top 40 Under 40” by Avenue magazine. Cristina is the founder of Level Consulting; as a consultant and leadership trainer, she has worked with clients in Canada and China including the City of Edmonton, government ministries, schools, and private businesses. She has served on numerous boards including SAVE (Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton), ETSAB (Edmonton Transit Service Advisory Board), and was a founding member of WAVE (Women’s Advocacy Voice of Edmonton, chair of policy subcommittee).

EXCPE 5345: A Coaching Approach to Leadership (October 1st and 2nd, 9am - 5pm)

The 21st century workplace, in its best iterations, relies on the creativity, curiosity, ingenuity and relationship capacity of its workers. This environment relies on the leadership abilities of every worker, as well as those with formal authority, to advance the mission of the organization. In this context, the“coach approach” is recognized as a transformational leadership practice. In this course, organizational leaders, current and aspiring, will learn how essential coaching skills of deep listening, powerful questioning, and possibility thinking can transform their own leadership practice from one of managing performance to
encouraging growth.

Participants will learn the value of coaching, become familiar with several coaching modalities for practical use, and have the opportunity to develop their own leader-as-coach methodology through practice, reflection, and feedback. Participants will experience coaching--as coach and as coachee--in student triads and with Professional Certified Coaches-- and have the opportunity to use the class as a laboratory for their current leadership. There are a small number of readings for the course, as well as a workbook. To facilitate further professional development in coaching for interested participants, this course adheres to the Core Competencies in coaching as outlined by the International Coaching Federation, North America’s industry leader.

Instructor: Jennifer Askey, PhD, CPCC, PCC

Dr. Jennifer Askey works with leaders and leaders-to-be in a down-to-earth and engaging approach that utilizes emotional intelligence, positive psychology, and mindfulness to help her clients navigate the internal and external obstacles of their professional worlds.

Jennifer brings over 20 years of working in complex academic organizations as both a faculty member and administrator to her coaching work, where she focuses on career planning and transition, as well as organizational effectiveness. She utilizes assessments, such as DISC, EQi-2.0, Belbin Team Roles, and 360s to help her clients and their organizations gain new insights and develop forward-looking plans for change.

Jennifer holds a Ph.D. in German Literature, is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with CTI, and a Professional Certified Coach through ICF. She is pursuing certification with Positive Intelligence and the International Mindfulness Teachers Association. Locally, Jennifer serves on the Board of the Edmonton chapter of the International Coaching Federation and the Unitarian Church of Edmonton.

Instructor: Sarah Thomas, MSc, MBA, PCC

Sarah is an executive and leadership development coach. She works with a wide array of senior and aspiring leaders who are seeking to expand their leadership impact and capacity while also striving to experience more connection and joy within their role, career and life. Sarah also coaches teams and governing boards assisting them create the conditions and sharpen the skills that allow teams to unlock their own greatness. Sarah is a coach trainer with Erickson International and a mentor coach for those looking to hone their own coaching abilities.

Sarah sharpened her own leadership chops as CEO of the Professional Association of Resident Physicians of Alberta and as a member of the executive team at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta. Sarah is also an active board member and volunteer with a diverse set of organizations.

Sarah earned an MBA from Queen’s University; a master’s degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Alberta; and a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience from the University of Lethbridge. Sarah’s love of the brain, science, and relational intelligence creeps its way into the way she coaches and trains. Expanding emotional agility and growing resilience are both signatures of her approach to coaching.

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Workshops in Scaling Up

While registration is now closed for this year’s intake in the micro-credential, limited spaces remain in some of these four individual courses. Learn alongside Alberta's tech entrepreneurs and network in short courses on leadership skills. Register on Eventbrite at least two weeks before each course begins.

EXCPE 5346: Strategy and Future Thinking (October 15th, 9am - 5pm)

Instructor: Tyler Waye

Approaches to strategy have evolved over time, yet the core pursuit remains: to choose a way forward from multiple options. It sounds simple; but here is the hard part. Accelerating disruption in today's world means individuals and organizations are being forced to constantly evaluate their way forward, considering options that emerge and disappear faster than ever before. In short, the need for strategic and future thinking has never been higher, leading to a fundamental question: how do we do it better.

Effective strategic thinking comes down to the ability to critically think, identify problems, develop scenarios, effectively analyze, confidently choose, appropriately monitor, and course correct. It sounds like a lot. The good news is you already have many of these skills and simply need to refocus the lenses in your possession. Join us in this condensed Strategy and Future Thinking (course, module, etc.), to explore how to expand your strategic thinking, while getting tactical and practical about the future.

About the Instructor

Tyler Waye is a work and leadership strategist, teaching executive education programs in leadership, strategy, and change. His recent projects include co-founding Mindset App, and acting as Executive in Residence for Motiversity, a fast growth digital media company. He authored the ground-breaking book “I Went to School That Long for This?!'', was named Top 40 Under 40 by Avenue Magazine, and recently completed a research journey around the world, living in 12 countries to explore influences into the future of work.

EXCPE 5349: Growth Mindset for Individual and Team Success (October 29th, 9am - 5pm)

Instructors: Bailey Sousa, PMP, MA(HEAL) & Alex Clark, PhD

A growth mindset is pivotal to unlocking your potential, and the potential of your team. It enables you to explore possibilities, persist when the work gets tough, and see opportunities in setbacks as well as successes. And while most of us value growth, in fact, we are often stuck in a fixed mindset—focused on past achievement and the next big win. And what's wrong with that? It blocks us from learning—and also taking risks and staying motivated.

Drawing on over 30 years of psychology, neuroscience, and organizational research this ​workshop​ will explore what fixed and growth mindsets are and why they matter so much in determining perceptions, actions, success, and wellbeing. Explore the nature of your own dominant mindsets in different situations, and learn specific strategies to apply growth mindset approaches to yourself, your team, and workplace. Research-based, practical, and useful for life and work—learn to disempower failure and harness your mindset for true and sustained success.

About the Instructors

Bailey and Alex have helped individuals, teams, and executives realize their growth potential in over 150 workshops worldwide through their consultancy company. Authors of the internationally critically acclaimed book “How to be a Happy Academic”--their commentaries and articles are frequent features in well-known journals and focus on teams, workplace and personal effectiveness and success, failure, and growth mindset.

Alex is Dean, Health Sciences, Athabasca University and is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader / Young Scientist. Bailey is on secondment to the Ministry of Advanced Education, Government of Alberta from the University of Alberta. She is a lifelong entrepreneur with ventures across Canada, and was recognized as Edmonton’s Avenue Magazine’s ‘Top 40 Under 40’ for her contributions in her work and to her city.

EXCPE 5348: The Power of Conflict (November 19th, 9am - 5pm)

Instructor: Heather Gross

Ask any leader⏤your relationship with conflict establishes the league your leadership gets to play in.

Over the 7 hours with Roy Group you will gain the confidence to practice…

  • intentionally choosing your approach to conflict over conditioned default styles.
  • reflecting on aspects of story, emotion, identity and interests to prepare for conflict.
  • using questions and reflections to understand other parties in conflict.conscious
  • use of language when I am engaged in a difficult conversation.
  • discerning the interests of other parties and using to negotiate win-win options, wherever possible.
  • acknowledging the interests of others and clear boundaries to say no.
About the Instructor

Heather Gross convenes important conversations in the building of incredible education cultures. She leads teams and experiences that promote belonging, cohesion and productive collaboration. In her role as practice lead, Heather is Roy Group’s point person for solution design and delivery within our Education vertical.

Heather comes to Roy Group from her most recent posts as chief academic officer and deputy head at Pearson College UWC. She also served there as the director of admissions and universities counsellor. Heather’s 14 years with Pearson and the United World College movement included extensive travel to educational communities around the globe. She also worked in recruitment and admissions at the University of Alberta, and in experiential education at parks and museums.

Heather is a graduate of Pearson College UWC and holds a master’s degree in human geography (2010). She recently completed a professional certificate in advanced facilitation practices, especially focusing on Art of Hosting practices and Liberating Structures.

Masterful facilitation threads through all of Heather’s professional and volunteer experience. She enjoys bringing people together, and is pleased when the conversation turns to the potential education holds to change the world.

EXCPE 5347: Powerful Communication & Public Speaking (December 3rd, 9am - 5pm)

Public speaking ranks as one of the highest anxiety-producing experiences that most people will face. But it is also one of the keys to success for many people in business. You may be an expert in your field, but if you can’t communicate that expertise to others, it will remain your secret.

When you make presentations to clients, outline your objectives in a job interview, or lay out the future of your company to your employees, your public speaking skills can be the difference between success and failure. Your delivery and overcoming the anxiety of public speaking is the key to reaching your potential. If you want your business to succeed or advance in your career, this training will be an investment that pays off immediately.

In this workshop public speaking is treated as a performance. Just as an athlete gets keyed up when he/she is ready to perform, you must have a certain amount of energy when you get up in front of people to make your presentation. The goal is to control that energy through preparation, breathing techniques and understanding the psychology of the speaker/audience relationship.

About the Instructor

Alyson Connolly is a public speaking coach and an expert in helping people overcome the anxiety of public presentations. She is the author of “Public Speaking Skills for dummies” and the online video series “Finding Your Voice”.

Alyson received a master’s in Theatre Voice Pedagogy from the University of Alberta. Her thesis was on “Alleviating Performance Anxiety in Public Presenters”. She coaches people one-on-one and offers her Powerful Public Speaking and Polishing Your  Presentation workshops to organizations. Her latest workshops include Startup Edmonton’s Pre-Accelerator program, Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta, Alberta Machine Institute and Edmonton Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

Website: alysonconnolly.com

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This opportunity is offered in collaboration between Technology Alberta and the Peter Lougheed Leadership College through the Faculty of Extension at the University of Alberta.