Undergraduate Program

Offered as a two year embedded academic program, the Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies is designed to be completed in conjunction with most undergraduate degrees offered by the University of Alberta. Over the course of the program, students should expect to complete a total of 12 course credits, a number of short workshops, a summer stretch experience and a final capstone project. 

Where will leadership take you?

The Peter Lougheed Leadership College offers the University of Alberta’s undergraduate students the opportunity to explore the scholarship of leadership through the two-year Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies.

This interdisciplinary degree, awarded by the Alberta School of Business, is designed for students who have completed the first year of their current degree program. The Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies is awarded in addition to a student’s faculty degree.

Program Components

  • Four 3-credit courses

    • Foundations of Leadership (INT D 301)

    • Topics in Leadership (INT D 306)

    • Capstone Leadership Project (INT D 406)

    • Workshops in Leadership (INT D 407)

  • Stretch Experience

    • A 200-hour, self-directed leadership project during the summer between the first and second year of PLLC

  • Co-Curricular Programming

    • Mentorship program with professionals from diverse sectors

    • Workshops and networking events

See our Admissions page for eligibility information. 

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Now Open to Students Outside PLLC
Foundations of Leadership (INT D 301)

What does it take to lead? Foundations of Leadership will cover the theory and practice of leadership through case studies, experiential learning activities, and innovative assignments. Topics include socially relevant concepts like emotional intelligence, cognitive bias, communication, and power and privilege. Learn alongside students from across campus in this interdisciplinary, forum-based course, where groups of 10-12 students will be led by a graduate student Teaching Fellow.

Find INT D 301 on Beartracks when you select your courses! Fall and Winter sections will be offered. 

Introducing More Flexibility to Complete PLLC

By semesterizing our year-long classes and making Foundations of Leadership an open course, students have more options to complete our Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies certificate. Foundations of Leadership is now a prerequisite to our other courses, allowing students to select courses according to their interests or fulfil the 12 credit requirement of the certificate at their own pace.