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Current Award Opportunities

2020 Award Winners

Tavender Award Recipient: Danielle Bailey-Heelan, Faculty of Arts

Danielle poses professionally in front of a brick wallStudents plan their Stretch Experiences far in advance, so most summer 2020 projects were already confirmed before public health measures were introduced in response to COVID-19. Danielle Bailey-Heelan was one of the students that made the difficult decision to move forward with her Stretch with the Elizabeth Fry Society of Northern Alberta (EFRY) instead of deferring. While it was even more challenging than she expected, it was a worthwhile growth experience⏤one that eventually won her PLLC’s $5,000 Tavender Award.

This Political Science major designed her project according to her personal strategy of a future in law. She volunteered with EFRY as a Court Worker, triaging individuals through to duty counsel and providing general information on legal proceedings. As she became comfortable in the role and operations changed according to public health recommendations, she took on more responsibility with the organization. New opportunities presented themselves as well, like a literature review with Dr. Jana Grekul, a University of Alberta criminology professor. Danielle realizes now that being adaptable to the changes helped her grow, as “navigating different and unknown terrains” took her beyond her comfort zone.Danielle sits at a desk surrounded by paperwork and is typing on a laptop. She appears to be smiling at the camera even though she's wearing a mask.

In announcing the award, PLLC Principal Lois Harder commended Danielle for her “remarkable resilience in overcoming significant challenges presented by the pandemic.” Danielle affirmed her dream of becoming a lawyer while helping hundreds of people at EFRY. At the end of the project, she told us that the memorable project would assist her in the future: “As I pursue my career, I will remember these experiences and the great influence my position [in law] can have for marginalized communities.”

Read about Danielle's project in her own words on the PLLC Stretch Blog

Aaron Chris poses professionally in a dark setting
Aaron Chris Manalo, Faculties of Education and Science
Weatherill Family Award
I am an undergraduate student at the University of Alberta. I enjoy outdoor activities and playing hockey. I am a Sports Instructor in various recreation centres and an Official for Hockey Canada. I am also involved in various leadership programs with the Students’ Union. In the future, I hope to provide research and care in a healthcare setting.
Akanksha smiles as she rests her head in her hands posed upon a side table
Akanksha Yeola, Faculty of Science
Cecil E. Race Leadership Scholarship
I am a passionate and highly competent student eager to build up rich experiences in the field of Leadership and Sustainable development. In my spare time, I love to dance and read books on various issues and topics. I have been a part of the Sustainability Club, Leadership programs and various other youth clubs on campus.

2019 Award Winners

Tavender Award Recipient: Julia-Don Edwards, Faculty of Arts

Headshot of Julia-Don EdwardsJulia-Don Edwards' Stretch Experience tested her resilience when she had to independently handle uncertainty, winning her the 2019 Tavender Award for an exceptional project-even though it didn't go as planned.

Julia-Don's proposal for her 200-hour leadership project included volunteering with an arts organization in Nairobi, using arts activism to serve groups experiencing marginalization and see postcolonialism, a topic she studies as a sociology major, for herself. She had researched Theatre for Social Change in Kenya and was seeing its community-building power in action until the program was cancelled unexpectedly. After a promising week diving into her dream project, she was adrift in another continent, seeking a new goal.

Julia-Don sits in a circle of children and leads them in what looks like a song and clapping

After connecting with a kindergarten and pre-school age educator, Pape Gueye, Julia-Don travelled to Thiaroye, Senegal to help offer the community's first summer performing arts camp. Many youth were new to structured programming, let alone facilitated creative expression, and she empowered them to let their own interests drive their play. The activities offered community benefit, as she joined them in collecting litter and changing attitudes about waste disposal. Her insistence that they perform in Wolof, their local language, kept the camp rooted in the community and their culture. She learned one phrase that has since remained with her: Mbolo Moy Dole. We're strong together.

Upon returning to campus with this experience, Julia-Don remembers how her emergent process and being open to discovery allowed her to achieve even more than she had planned. She's proud of her courage and initiative and hopes to take part in intercultural community theatre projects here in Edmonton next. As for her efforts in Senegal, she believes the youth will increasingly express their identities and follow what's important to them⏤perhaps even handling change with resiliency as Julia-Don did.

Read her story in her own words on the PLLC Stretch Blog

Annual Entrance Award Recipients

Navneet poses professionally in a dark setting
Navneet Chand, Faculty of Arts
Weatherill Family Award
Navneet Chand is a second-year undergraduate student studying political science and sociology at the University of Alberta. He is passionate about pursing an interdisciplinary education, encouraging collaborative youth engagement, and advocating for political knowledgeability at all levels of governance. Navneet also believes that great leadership comes in all forms.
Closeup of Julia smiling for the camera
Julia Craig, Faculty of Science
Cecil E. Race Leadership Scholarship


I am a neuroscience student who's fascinated by the human brain and passionate about helping others. After my degree, I hope to pursue medicine. I volunteer in the pediatric oncology unit at the university hospital, in a neuroimaging research lab, and as a student member of the General Faculties Council.

2018 Award Winners

Tavender Award Recipient: Simran Gulati, Faculty of Science

SimranCongratulations to honours cell biology student Simran Gulati, who has won the $5,000 Tavender Award to further her Stretch Experience. Over the past summer, she travelled to India with the Rotary Club to spread awareness of menstrual hygiene in rural communities.

After ten weeks touring villages surrounding Chandigarh, a city in India, Simran spoke to over 1,300 males and females between the ages of 13 and 40. While not a controversial topic in Canada, her menstrual hygiene campaign faced opposition in India because of outdated gender norms and wide-spread myths. She persevered, believing, "The holes in their education leads to holes in their health." She raised awareness by presenting at schools and answering personal questions one-on-one. Her efforts positively impacted gender equality in the communities, and by extension, the individuals she reached. Simran speaking to a school of girls

Simran is proud of the success of her project and is even more passionate about the issue than when she began. Now that she has gained confidence in her ability to make a difference, she sees opportunities to raise awareness locally. With the $5,000 award, Simran plans to offer educational sessions in Edmonton, expanding the scope to address menstrual hygiene for individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+ or are experiencing homelessness. We've seen her tenacity to succeed and know she'll continue to make a positive impact with this project.

Read about Simran's project in her own words in her post on the PLLC Stretch blog

Upon her graduation, Simran also received the Founding Principal Scholarship for PLLC Scholars. 

Annual Entrance Award Recipients

Samir Esmail Headshot

Samir Esmail, Alberta School of Business

Roger Phillips PLLC Scholarship in Business

Samir is currently in his third year of university, studying Finance at the Alberta School of Business. During his time at university, Samir has been actively involved on campus serving as a Corporate relations director for the Business Students' Association focusing on connecting professionals with students through the Take-A-Student-To-Eat program. In addition, Samir is also the Finance Secretary for the University of Alberta High School Model United Nations conference which serves to engage over 500 students from across the province in geopolitical politics. Professionally, he hopes to spend his life helping companies, organizations, and the government solve their biggest problems by consulting with them about their legal, and financial concerns. After finishing his bachelor of commerce, Samir hopes to pursue his Juris Doctorate. He enjoys to travel and explore the world going to places including Vietnam, Italy, Egypt, and most recently Japan. In his free time, Samir also likes to keep up to date with sports and has fantasy teams in basketball, football, and hockey.

headshot of Molly Henneberry

Molly Henneberry, Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation

Weatherill Family Award

Molly is a 3rd Year Kinesiology student and 1st Year PLLC Scholar. She is proud to be a Girl Guide Leader, Alberta Health Services volunteer, and newly elected President of the U of A Kin Campus Club. As an intern at the Sport Performance Centre, Molly is learning about strength and conditioning for varsity athletes, as well as athlete monitoring and testing with the Sport and Health Assessment Centre. A passion for servant leadership has led to Molly's roles as a student representative on both the PLLC Mentorship Board of Advisors and the Undergraduate Research Initiative Board at the University of Alberta. She is also pursuing her Research Certificate in Kinesiology; Molly's summer research projects investigate blood pressure control under different stressors, such as altitude and pregnancy. This summer Molly will be undertaking a new project as part of her Stretch Experience, focusing on a research strategy to identify parallels between disuse osteoporosis in astronauts and in people who have experienced spinal cord injury.

Mason poses outside wearing a white coat and stethoscope

Mason Schindle, Honours Neuroscience, Faculty of Science

Cecil E. Race Leadership Scholarship

Originally from High River, Alberta, Mason is a 3rd year Honours Neuroscience student and 1st year PLLC Scholar at the University of Alberta. Prior to his studies at the UofA, Mason studied Economics and Environmental Politics at Harvard University during two of his summers in high school. Currently, Mason is captivated by the marriage between technology and the human nervous system as a means to ameliorate spinal cord injury. During his past two summers, Mason conducted research on the utility of functional electrical stimulation following spinal cord injury. In addition to his studies, Mason is actively involved with the Neuroscience Students Association and also founded The FentaNIL Project-a new student group on campus that seeks to mitigate the detrimental effects of the overdose crisis by educating campus and community members on synthetic opioids as well as how to identify and respond to an opioid overdose. Mason's Stretch Experience took him to underserved rural and Indigenous communities throughout Alberta to facilitate naloxone training sessions. Mason is also an active volunteer at The Steadward Centre and Fragile-X Clinic at the Stollery Children's Hospital in which he greatly enjoys assisting both adults and children with a variety of neurological complications. After finishing his undergraduate degree, Mason hopes to enter the field of medicine to pursue a career in rural or addictions medicine. In his free time, he enjoys playing hockey, guitar and archery.

2017 Award Winners


Tavender Award Recipient: Kaitlyn Walcheske, Faculty of Secondary Education

Kaitlyn Walcheske, a fourth-year student, has won funding to uplift the voices Indigenous students and raise awareness about barriers to education.

Kaitlyn's Stretch Experience took her to Finland over the summer to study how Sámi culture was integrated into the Finnish education system. She now plans to use the award to facilitate sharing locally. She has joined a Zine Project at the U of A called Nantâwihiwêwin (Cree for "doctoring yourself day after day for a long time"), that helps their readers heal their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. Further, she is working with the National Centre for Collaboration in Indigenous Education to continue interviewing educational stakeholders to collect stories of best practices.

We're proud of Kaitlyn's dedication and look forward to seeing where her project takes her! Read more about her project, in her own words, on the Stretch blog.


Annual Entrance Award Recipients

Radha Saikia, Faculty of Arts

Weatherill Family Award

Radha Saikia is a 3rd year Psychology student in the Faculty of Arts, and is currently on a 12-month work placement with Alberta Justice and Solicitor General in the Community Corrections Division. She is also Co-President of UAlberta, a student group on campus that promotes mental health awareness. In previous years, Radha has taken on several leadership roles as an executive member in multiple student groups or in her work/volunteer experience. She has been VP Events for multiple student groups & volunteered for several departments on campus including International Student Services and the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies & Services, and won a Students' Union Award for spearheading a mental health initiative for campuses across Canada. Her future plans include getting a Master's and a PhD degree in Psychology, and eventually working in forensics.


Joel Tatlow, Alberta School of Business

Roger Phillips PLLC Scholarship in Business

Joel Tatlow is a Marketing major at the Alberta School of Business entering his third year of studies. Professionally, he hopes to spend his life helping fine arts organizations realize their full potential by consulting with them about the commercial aspects of their ventures. As an arts administrator, he has spent time working with local Alberta theatre companies and student arts organizations coordinating various aspects of their business operations, including public relations, digital marketing, press liaising, volunteer management, community engagement, partnership management and fiscal budgeting. In his free time, Joel is an improvisor and classically trained vocalist.

Alex Wong

Alexander Wong, Faculty of Medicine

Cecil E. Race Leadership Scholarship

Alexander Wong is a second-year medical student enrolled in a dual MD/MBA program. Prior to starting medical school, Alex completed two years of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Calgary. He has a strong interest in exploring the intersections between health equity and health systems innovation. Particularly, he wants to examine how social justice can be incorporated within the political and economic confines of the Canadian healthcare system. As a future physician, Alex aspires to work towards improving health outcomes for populations experiencing health inequities, and to address health disparities through upstream, cross-sector, and systemic-level innovation. Currently, he is creating an initiative within the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry to reduce admissions barriers for applicants from Indigenous and lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

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